• Ꮝ •Ꮼ• • i reach out • •Ꮼ• Ꮫ •


• •Ꮼ• •

i reach out across the sea

wanting to touch you….

   taste you….     breathe you in….

      to gaze into your eyes and say….    

hello….     it’s me

• Ꮝ  •Ꮼ•  Ꮫ •

Ꮝ  •Ꮼ•  Ꮫ


• •Ꮼ• •

“Dedicated to the One I Love”   The Mamas & The Papas

artwork  ~  “1924 (first abstract painting, Chelsea)”   Ben Nicholson
{  fair use }

This is the first abstract Ben Nicholson painted and is one of only a few such works made by British artists in this period. Younger, avant-garde artists tended to concentrate on still life and landscape in the twenties using them as vehicles for formal experiment. Only three early abstract paintings by Nicholson are known and all of them display evidence of a sophiscated understanding of Cubism and its insistence on shallow space and overlapping planes. This painting was very advanced in the context of British art in this period, where the notion of abstraction was essentially equated with the distortion of natural appearance.



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4 responses to “• Ꮝ •Ꮼ• • i reach out • •Ꮼ• Ꮫ •

  1. A beautiful little Love poem ~ thank you for sharing it dani ♥

  2. hello, back.

    cute little verse..

    • glad you came back to see something cute rather than…. well, i could call the last poem a LOT of things, but cute wouldn’t be one of them. thanks for coming back, bri!

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