♦ ☠ ◦ simplify demystify crucify ◦ ☠ ♦


◦ ☠ ◦

you  don’t  see
your  elevated  opinion  of  yourself

thinkin’  you  got  something  unique
thinkin’  you  got  something  to  offer
thinkin’  you  got  a  grand  purpose

giving  you  the  “right”
the  moral  justification
to  treat  me  like  shit

you’re  a  toxic  muther fucker
just  get  outta  my  face

if  you  wanna  crucify  somebody
there’s  some  wood,  some  nails,
a  ladder  and  some  tools

show  the  world  how  special  you  are
and  crucify  yourself

◦ ♦ ☠ ♦ ◦

♦ ☠ ♦

◦ ☠ ◦

this poem is in response to this song ~
i  guess you might say that i object to the lyrics…
or at least the  judgmental  attitude

“Crucify Your Mind”  Sixto Rodriguez

artwork ~   “Abstract (Red and Yellow)”   Paul Feeley
{  fair use }

“Crucify Your Mind”  Sixto Rodriguez

lyrics ~



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4 responses to “♦ ☠ ◦ simplify demystify crucify ◦ ☠ ♦

  1. You tell him, SP! Yeah, he sounds a little above it all, doesn’t he? And, who’s that backing him up? The Tijuana Brass?!?

  2. kick it up a notch there….ugh…the self righteous…thinking they are morally justifies….you took me right there….and ugh…way to give it back to him…smiles.

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