◦✧◦ ♕ ◦✧◦ once upon a time…


◦ ♕ ◦

it was an old story
the stuff  fairy tales were made of…..

once upon a time
in a land  far,  far away
lived a beautiful princess
whose spirit ached to be  free
her only advantage,  patience

of  noble blood and envied by all
it gave her  few privileges
beyond  jewels and  fancy gowns

she was mere property of  the king
to command like any  peasant

the ever-obedient daughter
{ though,  under threat of  death,
she really had no choice }
forced to marry a  foreign  prince
she wouldn’t even meet
until the day of  their wedding

he,  who would one day become a king
and the next day die by her lover’s hand
so that she could rule as queen
then she would do as  
she  pleased

her  first official act…
conquering her  father’s kingdom

◦✧◦ ♕ ◦✧◦

✧◦ ♕ ◦✧

◦◦ ♕ ◦◦

◦ ♕ ◦

this has absolutely nothing to do with the poem, but how could i resist?

“Bohemian Rhapsody”   Queen

if  you’ve never seen this abbreviated version of  the song,  you’re in for a treat

“Bohemian Rhapsody”   Suzie McNeil  on Rock Star INXS

artwork ~   “Princess Hyacinth”   Alphonse Mucha
{ public domain }

this is my submission to ~

Trifecta: Week Seventy-Six    at   trifecta
Your response must be between 33 and 333 words.
prompt:   blood ~

a : lifeblood; broadly : life
b : human stock or lineage; especially : royal lineage <a prince of the blood>
c : relationship by descent from a common ancestor : kinship
d : persons related through common descent : kindred
(1) : honorable or high birth or descent
(2) : descent from parents of recognized breed or pedigree

thank you!



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16 responses to “◦✧◦ ♕ ◦✧◦ once upon a time…

  1. ivy

    Oooh – such a cool take on the fairy tale trope – a little bit chilling!

  2. Anja

    I love this twisted fairy tale. Those are the perfect kind. :) Wonderful piece.

  3. This was a great read. Twisted ending!

    • the ending to your “fairy tale” was so much nicer, Kelly! ♥ i think i’m a bit (or more) twisted. {smile} thanks so much for your visit and comment.

    • ooooh! another, shall we just say believer in “what goes around comes around”? {vindictive just sounds so ordinary *smile*} thanks for stopping in, LM! ♥

  4. Draug419

    What a wicked princess (:

    • {said she who wrote of the benevolent king!} well… i guess you could call her that… i prefer to think of her as assertive. {smile} thanks so much for your visit and comment, Draug! ♥ and thanks for the tip about the Sakura pens! i got the 03 micron pen and two other sizes and i’ll let my granddaughter take first pick. {i’m not being generous ~ i get to keep the other two.} {giggle}

  5. Smart woman know how to make the hard choices.

  6. KymmInBarcelona

    Envisioning sweet revenge. Well, sweet. Yeah.

    • i don’t think that most people get the satisfaction, and certainly not the “closure,” which they expect from revenge. yet if we don’t somehow let go of the negative emotions, they’ll destroy us. IMHO thank you for your visit and comment, Kymm. your piece was killer!!! ♥

  7. Hi Dani!!! I’ve missed you. Love the twist-ed ending :-). Big fan of fairy tales, enjoyed this very much

    • missed you too, sweetheart! ♥ i’ll be around but probably not as much as i’d like for awhile. thanks so much for stopping by!!

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