≈७• ह •९≈ loneliness ≈७• ह •९≈

≈ ह ≈

loneliness  swirls  around  me

…..ever  faster      ….ever  thicker

a  tornado  in  the  making

a  crowd  stands  outside  its  reach

watching  it  bear  me  away

only  caring

that  it  does  not  touch  them

≈७ • ह • ९≈

≈७  ह  ९≈

≈• ह •≈

≈ ह ≈

“The Loneliness”    Babyface

originally posted  27 March 2010
{ revised very slightly }

image ~ deviant art



Filed under NaBloPoMo, poetry, Post-A-Day2013, redux

2 responses to “≈७• ह •९≈ loneliness ≈७• ह •९≈

  1. Wow Dani the visuals not only in image but what you give image to in your words of poetry is so powerful I think this is going to be my favourite of yours Well until i read the next one ;))) really touching the senses in all ways !

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