:: :: looking for you :: ::


::  ::

::  ::  ::

the moon whispers your name
entering our dreams to call you
telling  you to come this way
::  ::
the stars sing  your name
passing it along
everywhere  for you

::  ::
the night sky  joins with the day
to cover the world

seeking  you out  for me
::  ::
the sun,  though  far away,
shines its bright light
on every
corner within its reach

::  ::
the earth opens its ears
listening  for your  footsteps
searching the whole world round
::  ::
the oceans and rivers
the lakes and the ponds
…..even the rain…..

look  for you in their silvery reflections
::  ::
why?   do you ask me
why?   do i need you so?
why?   is everyone helping?
::  ::
because you are
my one true love
my destiny
my heart
::  ::
i  am yours
and you will know
when once you’re  found
::  ::
that i’m what you were looking  for

::  ::  ::  ::

::  ::  ::

::  ::


“Moon River”   Audrey Hepburn from “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”



originally posted  21 April 2010



artwork ~   “Strong Dream”   Paul Klee
{ public domain }






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2 responses to “:: :: looking for you :: ::

  1. Beautifully expressed. May the right person indeed be found!

    • it could only help to have the universe involved in finding him! {smile} thanks so much for stopping in, Mary! ♥ have a lovely weekend.

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