·꘧ •ꘪ• · a taste of you · •ꘪ• ꘦ ·


a  taste  of  you

that’s  all  i  need

or  so  i  tell  myself

but  we  both  know

a  little  taste  of  you

will  never  be  enough

·꘧  •ꘪ• ꘦ ·

꘧  •ꘪ• ꘦

· •ꘪ• ·


LOVE Erin McKeown and this song!

“The Taste of  You”  Erin McKeown

artwork ~   “Emerald”   Alphonse Mucha
{ public domain }



Filed under lust, NaBloPoMo, poetry, Post-A-Day2013

8 responses to “·꘧ •ꘪ• · a taste of you · •ꘪ• ꘦ ·

  1. Oh, yeah. Got to be more than one little taste.

  2. A taste of honey is worse than none at all, so they say. Love the Mucha and the song, too!

  3. Hi Dani….Just came to visit your blog to see if somehow I missed something. You haven’t written in a while. Hope that you are ok and your blog will be ‘back in business’ soon.

    • thank you for your concern, Mary. ♥ that’s very sweet of you! vertigo was being a bitch but i’m going to try to post something every day for National Poetry Month.

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