·ల· ·ఏ· ·· i wish ·· ·ఏ· ·ల· { revised }


i wish that i could see you
look deep into your eyes

i wish that i could touch you
feel your heart beating in your chest

i wish that i could smell you
breathe in your body’s musk

i wish that i could taste you,  here,
on the tip of  my tongue

i wish that i could lie with you
nothing but the heat of  our bodies between us

my ultimate wish,  my darling,  is to devour you
until the only thing left is your name

·ల· ·ఏ· ·ల·

ల ·ఏ· ల

· ·ఏ· ·


“Itsy Bitsy Spider”   Carly Simon

originally posted  21 February 2010 as  “black widow”
{ revised }

artwork ~   “The spider”   Nikolaos Gyzis
{ public domain }

i am participating in ~




Filed under NaBloPoMo, poetry, Post-A-Day2013, redux

3 responses to “·ల· ·ఏ· ·· i wish ·· ·ఏ· ·ల· { revised }

  1. Thank you for the amazing artwork and poetry. Good to be devour by love.

  2. devouring and being devoured is not a bad thing at all is it…smiles….love the senses you touch on in this dani….esp smell for me….

  3. Gosh, spideys need love too yanno! I have a version of this song lying around here some place, but it is slightly different that this version, even though both are by Carly Simon. That video is too cute by half. :-)

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