∙૧∙ ૡ ∙∙ no, no, no ∙∙ ૡ ∙૧∙

∙ ૡ ∙

wish  i  could’ve  gone  to  rehab

to  get  you  out  of  my  heart

never  had  an  addiction

like  my  need  for  you

it  ate  me  up  from  the  outside  in

consumed  me  blood,  bone  and  soul

really  should  have  known

right  from  the  start

to  just  say

no,  no,  no

∙૧∙ ૡ ∙૧∙

૧∙ ૡ ∙૧

∙∙ ૡ ∙∙

∙ ૡ ∙

“Rehab”   Amy Winehouse

image ~   “beating heart”  photobucket
{  fair use ~  found on google.com }

this is my submission to ~

Yes or No   at   POETRY JAM
prompt:  write about  ‘yes’  or  ‘no’

thank you,  Mary!

i am also participating in ~




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25 responses to “∙૧∙ ૡ ∙∙ no, no, no ∙∙ ૡ ∙૧∙

  1. always easier to see that in retrospect you know….should have said no but in the moment…well there is no hope for us…and rehab for a broken heart…might not be a bad idea…smiles.

  2. Always hard to say NO when there are matters of the heart. Easier to to say YES despite the cost! The beating heart is eerie.

  3. So true… relationships can be just as addictive as substances.

  4. Sometimes it’s difficult to escape ourselves. Nice one.

  5. That heart almost made me jump! Some “love” is better answered with a no!

  6. Oh, but something inside kept saying yes yes yes. Didn’t it?

    That heart gif is creepy.

    • okay, okay! yes the heart is creepy. it’s a “tortured” love poem and i can’t find an image i like better. {smile} thanks for dropping by, Sis! ♥

  7. Very (gruesomely?) honest, to the point… but often, that’s how it is, with matters of the heart. A very open poem (or wound?), certainly.

  8. ugh..sometimes we know we should say no but not so easy at times…really love the pic…was staring at it for a bit before i started reading the poem..fascinating..

  9. Chhavi Vatwani

    Yay! I like it! Love is definitely consuming. But if it isn’t consuming, it isn’t love! So live it because you’re never going to find a better love than one which is consuming! Blatant ‘No’ – so a great one for the challenge! :)

  10. Some relationships do affect us like that, dont they, kiddo? You nailed it in your poem.

  11. Helen

    Love, love the visual .. it certainly grabbed my attention. What followed is a great poem!!!

  12. The picture caught me off guard at first, but the poem is excellent. We all have suffered the addiction of love.

  13. YES NO MAYBE I think sometimes just get mixed and stuck in a heart

  14. peggygoetz

    I guess we always hope in these situations when no would have saved a lot of heart ache. That is one spooky picture or the moving heart!

  15. Should have said no…that heart ani looks amazingly real ~

  16. This poem led me places I did not expect to go. I don’t often think of a literal beating heart. It would be nice to be able to fix the hurts or to have the forsight to have said no from the start.

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