·ڪ· ﷼ ·ڪ· secret ·ڪ· ﷼ ·ڪ·


· ·

when you see me
under the noonday sun
you would never guess
the secret i keep


if  you look for me
when the moon is full
don’t be surprised
at the life i’ve chosen


it may not be
the path you’d go down
but it’s the one
i need to follow


when the moonbeams
fall upon my pale skin
and moonlight
reflects from my eyes

i become my true self…..
if  i seem imperfect to you
even grotesque…..
just know it’s who i’m meant to be

· ﷼ ·

ڪ· ﷼ ·ڪ

·ڪ· ﷼ ·ڪ·

Instrumental  ~  Violin  by  Lim Hui



artwork ~   “Portrait of  a Woman”   Amedeo Modigliani
{ public domain }



this is my submission to ~


Theme Thursday 7 February 2013      at     Theme Thursday
prompt:   Secrets

thank you,   Mrsupole!


Trifecta: Week Sixty-Three    at   trifecta
prompt:   path ~  a way of life, conduct, or thought

thank you!


OpenLinkNight ~ Week 82   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub
submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Grace!



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24 responses to “·ڪ· ﷼ ·ڪ· secret ·ڪ· ﷼ ·ڪ·

  1. This is really good writing.

  2. we all must find and follow our own paths…and others may not understand but that is ok you know…smiles..if its who you are meant to be that is good enough for me…

    • accepting ourselves for who we are can be one of the most difficult things we do, as you know well from your work with the kids. i learned at a young age not to listen to those who put me down for being myself… it took much longer for me not to be critical of myself, though.

  3. Bee

    I’m really interested in knowing what, exactly is the path of the “I” in the poem, what the secret is.

  4. We are who we are. People either like us for who we are, or they don’t. Authenticity is key to happiness, I think.

    • we have to accept ourselves to be happy… or if we want to change, we have to acknowledge who we are first, don’t you think? thanks, Mary! ♥

  5. I like the way this poem unapologetically expresses confidence in self, in individuality. Well done.

  6. Draug419

    This is lovely.

  7. Interesting scheme you used here.

    • i have a tendency to write using the cadence of my speech. {which gives me terrible trouble trying to write to form, especially rhyming or meter.} thank you for your visit and comment, joe!

  8. I absolutely love your writing and your music.

  9. Such an interesting voice here. Intriguing- you draw the reader in and leave us with questions about who the dark character is :)

  10. Strong voice here Dani, an affirmation of our life’s choices ~ Lovely share and nice to see you at the Pub ~


  11. Sounds as though the narrator is happy with his/her choices. It also sounds like he/she might be a vampire(!)

  12. kymminbarcelona

    when the moonbeams
    fall upon my pale skin
    and moonlight
    reflects from my eyes

    Really lovely lines, especially: reflecting from your eyes.

  13. I like the message of acceptance – our paths may not always be pretty, but they are meant for us.

  14. Best to live life on your own terms -those who truly care will love you for yourself & not what you pretend to be for them & others simply. do not
    matter.Loved this ethereal piece with natural elements woven in mystically:-)

  15. kz

    if i seem imperfect to you
    even grotesque…..
    just know it’s who i’m meant to be — those are beautiful parting words…

    i love the combination of art and music and words in this post

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