· ᚮ ᛫ᛥ᛫ · shadow of the raven · ᛫ᛥ᛫ ᚭ ·



“fear not for the future
weep not for the past”

the only advice my mother ever gave me…..
if  she had known what i would do in the future
she would surely have wept

as young as four
i radiated a charisma
heralded as divine
i followed my intuition
never seeking permission

i prayed with wolves
to grant faith and understanding to humanity
i consulted with ravens
about omens and mysteries
i felt no need to conceal my actions

my father dismissed my beliefs as fantasy
my mother pretended nothing was amiss
some were certain it was deception or at least delusion
there were those who whispered it was daemonic
others worshipped me as though i were a god

indifferent to them all
i immersed myself  in the arcana of  the universe
until i understood my purpose

then i bade the ravens fly around the world
to gather every shadow,  high and low

having no choice but to accede to my destiny
i swallowed the shadows brought to me
including those belonging to the ravens
until the darkness disappeared
and me with it
leaving the earth in light forevermore

· ᚮ ᛫ᛥ᛫ ᚭ ·

ᚮ ᛫ᛥ᛫ ᚭ



Edgar Allan Poe’s  “The Raven”  read by James Earl Jones

read the poem  “The Raven”  by Edgar Allan Poe  HERE

artwork ~   “Woman with raven”   Pablo Picasso
{  fair use }

go  HERE  for a very biased essay on the symbolism of  ravens
including many Native Americans’  belief  that ravens are the bringers of  light

and  HERE  for the symbolism of  wolves including representing deep faith

this is my submission to ~

The Poetics of Groundhog Day – Bright Shadow   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub
prompt:   Bright shadow

thank you,  Karin!

Carry On Tuesday #191    at   Carry on Tuesday
prompt:   a quote from the 19th Century poet and politician Percy Bysshe Shelley
Fear not for the future
Weep not for the past”
{ use all or part }

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Open Link Monday   at   imaginary garden with real toads
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Poetry Pantry #135   at   Poets United
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Prompt  258   at   One Single Impression
prompt:   Charisma

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Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 208   at   Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides
prompt:    write a  “forever”  poem

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55 responses to “· ᚮ ᛫ᛥ᛫ · shadow of the raven · ᛫ᛥ᛫ ᚭ ·

  1. I enjoyed this poem, Dani. I like the idea of swallowing the shadows. To me this translates to swallowing one’s fears….and sometimes, I think, this is the best way of overcoming them. Loved the ending, leavng the earth in light.

  2. Deep, meaningful and a lovely touch of the Gothic.

  3. We can only hope, if they had a bit of time,
    like those we spend with friends
    our parents would understand and embrace more of us
    then we imagine.
    Swallowing their shadows can leave even more light.
    Nice write.

  4. oh heck…disappearing with the darkness..fear not for the future
    weep not for the past..is a wonderful advise though…

  5. Such an interesting poem and story, Dani–a medieval, legendary aspect to it for sure – and the idea of a person being chosen as a vessel to consume darkness is a very archetypical one that works really well here. I wonder if you’ve ever seen the Ursula LeGuin books about Earthsea. There is a beautiful one called The Tombs of Atuan that describes the kind of cult around this.

    The ravens work so well for it, and love your pic, and the humanity of the family around the child. Thanks for participating. k.

    • i have read “The Left Hand of Darkness” by LeGuin, but not any of the Earthsea series. i’ll have to check it out. the painting looks almost made for the poem. {smile} thank you for the wonderful prompt, Karin, and for your visit and kind comment. ♥

  6. wow what a story…rather a fable or fairy tale…love the connection with the ravens…and the heart in eating all the shadows so the world could live in light….beautiful tale dani…

  7. I am an individual who follows the signs and symbols, so easily relate to your words. I find the feminine voice of the poem both individual and strong,


  8. I love this share Dani, probably one of your best ~

    I like the idea of embracing and swallowing all the shadows, until darkness disappeared ~ A very strong metaphor for our journey ~

  9. Wow! What an amazing journey; an incredible poem to take us along. To swallow all the shadows and leave the world in light. The sci-fi book I would read!! Thanks for this.

  10. you write a lot in not so many words. Enjoyed this one and your pics are awesome. thanks for the visit to Old Grizz.

  11. The poem caught my interest immediately. I love the ending and wish I could eat the shadows and leave the world in light. Good writing.

  12. I wrote of the shadow swallower, too. This is much darker, more menacing, ala Poe, I suppose. Well done, Dani.

    • yours was far darker in its reality, though your ending was wonderful in her refusal to be a victim and taking control of her life. the shadow eater sentence from the earlier prompt did affect the direction i took in this poem. thank you for your visit and kind comment, Kim! ♥

  13. I too love the image of swallowing the shadows and leaving the world in light.

    Love this whole poem.

  14. I loved this piece–and the story it tells–we are, some of us, in tune in a different way with what surrounds us. This piece spoke to me of those peple I have known

  15. Another vote to the idea of swallowing the shadows !! I really enjoyed how you wrapped up the ending !!

  16. it’s good when you can swallow the shadows and become something light

    hades gate

  17. You have given the ‘shadow’ a whole life of its own…as if it exists as its own being, and a commanding one at that. I like how you used the ravens and wolves in this piece as well. Strong write Dani.

  18. I enjoyed the imagery throughout and your reference to the raven is refreshing. Nicely done!

  19. meeraganesh1

    A touch of the pagan, elements of non-conformity and ending it by swallowing the shadows and leaving light in its place. I enjoyed reading this :)

    (I came here from Imaginary Garden With Real Toads)

  20. Haunting, Dani… beautifully written.

  21. I really enjoyed this mystical piece! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  22. How I enjoyed this poem with its cadence and reference to the fantasy and fears of childhood and its dreams of being able to save everyone even though no one understands as well as to Poe (thanks for the JEJ reading of the Raven) . I am reminded of the “Dark is Rising” sequence by Susan Cooper as well as Madeleine Engels’s series of “Swiftly Tilting Planet” and etc. Children battle the dark with a wisdom adults must come to rely on.

  23. I think this is my favorite of yours, Dani. Love the raven, the mythical nature of the poem and especially the ending where the world is left in light.

  24. Wow! You are a born story-teller, SP!

  25. A beautiful piece of knowing who you are from a young age and not veering from it…love the ending.

  26. lucychili

    what a courageous girl. i hope we do have children with this kind of clarity, hopefully not to end in darkness themselves but yes the world needs some visionary action. perhaps we have her inside. =)

    • i felt that she was at the least a teenager, if not a young woman, by the time she accumulated enough knowledge to recognize her destiny. our world of today certainly does need some visionary action! i like the idea of having her inside! thank you very much for your visit and comment, lucy! ♥

  27. It is all very dark !
    I am not sure if I like dark!

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