【❖】♦ ◂ marmota monax ▸ ♦【❖】


you lookin’  at me?
you lookin’  at me?
who the hell else are you lookin’  at?
you lookin’  at me?
well,  i’m the only one here
who the fuck do you think you’re lookin’  at?
oh,  yeah?  huh?  ok!
huh?  listen you fuckers,
you screwheads
i’m not a fuckin’  meteorologist
so just leave me the fuck alone
and let me eat in peace
spring’ll come whenever the fuck it wants to
i ain’t got nothing to do with it
fuck off,  losers!

▸ ♦【❖】♦ ◂

♦ 【❖】 ♦

▸ 【❖】 ◂


i guess “Groundhog” is as good a name as any for this ‘song’  {smile} ~

“Groundhog”    Noisia

loosely based on a scene from the movie  “Taxi Driver”  starring  Robert De Niro

*marmota monax ~  groundhog

image ~  “Groundhog,  eating”   D. Gordon E. Robertson, PhD
{ creative commons license }

i am participating in ~




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4 responses to “【❖】♦ ◂ marmota monax ▸ ♦【❖】

  1. hahahahahahahaha
    love it.

    i love his attitude…look i cant tell you the weather…leave me alone.


  2. Oh my!! Feisty little one, isn’t he?

    • as soon as i saw the photo, i thought he had a real attitude. the first part of the poem is from “Taxi Driver” except i changed “talking” to “looking.” ♥

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