∙୨∙˚ୠ˚ it comes of its own accord ˚ୠ˚∙୧∙

˚ ୠ ˚

it comes of  its own accord
not at my summoning


what once was terrifying
alive with  jealousy and spite


over time has become quite shabby
just a ghost of  a memory


it comes of  its own accord
not at my summoning

∙୨∙ ˚ୠ˚ ∙୧∙

୨ ˚ୠ˚ ୧



“Ghost of  Memory”   Sam Nolte

artwork ~   “Art Like Love Is Dedication”   Hans Hofmann
{ fair use }

this is my submission to ~

The Sunday Mini-Challenge   at   imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:   use the last line of  a previous poem as the first line of  a new poem
here is the link to my old poem “happiness”

thank you,  Susan!

this also harkens back to
Fireblossom Friday ~ Doubletalk   at   imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:   begin and end a poem with the same line(s), but with different meanings
thank you,  Fireblossom!

i am also participating in ~




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20 responses to “∙୨∙˚ୠ˚ it comes of its own accord ˚ୠ˚∙୧∙

  1. This is really good. I truly enjoyed it.

  2. Wow the poem and the pic and the song! Wow to “Happiness” and Wow especially to “It comes of its own accord.” I Love when the jealousy and spite peels away from the things that once terrified me so that ghosts can be pages I bookmark and visit or not.

  3. Isn’t it crazy how drastically feelings change with time!! Great poem, dani!

  4. ellaedge

    Some ghosts are welcome in my rear view and others are not!
    Fun to ponder your words-so much insight!
    Thanks Dani <3 it

  5. It comes of its own accord… There are some facets of thought and feeling which seem to escape the control of the individual. You have expressed this so well in your poem, Dani…

  6. That is quite a change to a ghost of a memory ~ Very nice repetition of the first and last lines ~

    Good to see you Dani ~

  7. intersting…i like the repetition…and what you have sandwiched in the middle tells the story well…ultimately it does come as it will…perhaps not as often as before but neither the less powerful….

    • i don’t know which is more frustrating ~ having a memory we don’t particularly want surface or trying to recall something that remains out of reach. {smile} thank you for your visit, brian!!

  8. isn’t it fascinating in a way how feelings change over time…what scared us once loses its power and other things maybe the other way round

  9. So true and scary that memories fade like this, yet perhaps it is for the best :)

  10. Fireblossom? I hear she’s a troublemaker!

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