ꔹꗐ•ꗴꔹ apprentice sorceress ꔹꗴ•ꗐꔹ


• ꗴ •

she came seeking an apprenticeship
receiving naught but laughter and scorn
a  “mere”  woman
could not be taught the ways of  their enchantments
or so the necromancers thought

if  only they had remembered
that women hold the most holy of  magic
far more potent than any man could wield
if  only they had remembered
some might still be alive to tell the tale

she did not take rejection lightly
hiding  just out of  sight
more determined than they
she learned their lessons
then broke all their rules

she gnawed on bones
until they gave in to her will
she clawed the eyes
out of  live bats and newts
making her sorcery invincible

in the end
mightiest of  all she became
though that was not difficult
once she finished
destroying their very souls

ꔹꗐ• ꗴ •ꗐꔹ

·ꗐ• ꗴ •ꗐ·

ꔹ ꗴ ꔹ

• ꗴ •

“Wrapped Around Your Finger”   The Police

artwork ~   “L’Envoûteuse” (The Sorceress)    Georges Merle
{ public domain }

this is my submission to ~

breaking all the rules    at   POETRY JAM
prompt:  write about breaking rules

i am participating in ~


“Wrapped Around Your Finger”   The Police

lyrics ~

You consider me a young apprentice
Caught between the Scylla and Charibdes
Hypnotized by you if I should linger
Staring at the ring around your finger
I have only come here seeking knowledge
Things they would not teach me of in college
I can see the destiny you sold
Turn into a shining band of gold

I’ll be wrapped around your finger
I’ll be wrapped around your finger

Mephistopheles is not your name
I know what you’re up to just the same
I will listen hard to your tuition
You will see it come to it’s fruition

I’ll be wrapped around your finger
I’ll be wrapped around your finger

Devil and the deep blue sea behind me
Vanish in the air you’ll never find me
I will turn your face to alabaster
When you find your servant is your master

Oh, you’ll be wrapped around my finger
You’ll be wrapped around my finger
You’ll be wrapped around my finger



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24 responses to “ꔹꗐ•ꗴꔹ apprentice sorceress ꔹꗴ•ꗐꔹ

  1. i want a evil laugh there in the end….smiles…teach them to leave her out of their games….smiles.

  2. Cousin Mabel! Girl, don’t pretend that I wasn’t right there with ya, just because I wouldn’t hurt the cute little bats! (Maybe you’re just peeved cos now the bats tell me what they see at night!)

  3. Yikes….this is definitely a sorceress I would keep my distance from! Smiles.

  4. that’s brilliant and it could be imagery for so much of history

  5. A formidable character! You bring her to life so vividly! Sends a slight shiver down my spine! PS-always loved that Police song. Classic.

  6. Peggy Goetz

    Now there is a scary story for breaking the rules! Thanks for the prompt that made me think about limitations.

  7. Helen

    Got to admit, she kind of scares me too …. :)

  8. …ah, Dani your poem gives me a hauntingly disturbing feel… this is simple & complex at the same time… i initially didn’t believe in sorcery or witch crafts but when mum had this incident 6 years ago wherein her left arm suddenly experienced something uneasy and weird – an enlargement beyond usual size, even bigger that of an obese… we started believing she’d been under some devilish cursed, a witch craft… the belief was proven when no wise doctors could identify the real causes of the sudden changes in her arm so we consulted a shaman and later revealed to us she’d been cursed under a witch craft magic… what the shaman did…he gave us potions, a kind of ointment for my mum’s arm and then by night he would do rituals to reverse and counter attack the magic of the other witch… it took several days before everything was brought back to normal… until now the identity of the witch still a big mystery to us… since then i started believing that there could be such people who can perform such weird ability of destroying others… ah…. sorry for a long tale here… hehe.. smiles…

    • how frightening an experience!!! i’m happy to know that your mother is all right now! i’m sorry my poem brought up the memories for you!

  9. margaretbednar

    They that make the rules don’t always win out in the end! Looks like they ended up with their skulls on platters (the painting :)

  10. My.. the “Police” goes a long way back into the past for me..great song

  11. Dani, excellent prompt! And an enchanting poem to go with it. Many men have rued the day they failed to share knowledge, women have their ways to get what they want :-)

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