∙ඞ •ඈ• ∙ away ∙ •ඈ• ළ∙

∙ ඈ ∙

as i watched you walk away
the world began speaking in a foreign tongue
and i lost all understanding

∙ඞ •ඈ• ළ∙

ඞ •ඈ• ළ

∙ •ඈ• ∙

∙ ඈ ∙

with English subtitles ~

“I Don’t Understand”   Big Bang

artwork ~  “Away”    Esteban Vicente
{ fair use }

this is my submission to ~

Poetics:  Foreign Tongues   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub
prompt:   write using a foreign language or
about if  everyone around you is speaking in a language unknown to you

thank you,  Fred!

i am also participating in ~




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24 responses to “∙ඞ •ඈ• ∙ away ∙ •ඈ• ළ∙

  1. A perfect snapshot of that crushing and dismal feeling of heartbreak and loss. Very cool take on the prompt.

  2. the poem captures the feeling of being alien to a language

    • fortunately, there usually aren’t many moments when we feel alien in the world but any event that shocks us enough can cause that feeling, don’t you think? thank you very much for your visit and comment, Lucy! ♥

  3. ha..indeed…sometimes we don’t understand the world anymore…and need a patient translator…smiles

  4. …Excellent Dani…a sad painful little poem… this is what happens when one gives too much for the sake of love… But who’s to blame? people are people…and love is love… Sigh… smiles…

  5. oh, nice…so strong the feeling…to make the world lose all understanding….esp instead of seeing them, it is in them walking away….that is a whole other feeling…nice dani

  6. What a creative way of fulfilling Fred’s ‘foreign language’ challenge! Smiles.

  7. Indeed, everything recedes and loses meaning ~ Good one Dani ~

    Have a good day ~

  8. How sad and poignant. Short, sweet and to the point. Brilliantly done!


  9. When a relationship ends, it really does feel like no-one understands how much it hurts. You’ve captured that feeling fabulously well in so few words. Beautiful.

  10. really nice 3 liner, love the contrast. well done and thanks for sharing with us.

  11. beautiful in content and presentation. a pleasure to experience.

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