•Ꮄ• Ꮚ •Ꮄ• there is a place i used to go

• Ꮚ •

there is a place
i used to go
to reflect
upon my shortcomings
in hopes of   learning how to be
a better me

in the winter
my soul shivered
shaking my thoughts loose
until they became meaningless as snowflakes

in the spring
wildflowers began to grow
between my thoughts

tickling all sense away

in the summer
the heat left  nothing
but vapor trails of  thoughts
behind my dazzled eyes

in the autumn
the trees pelted me with acorns
pummeling my thoughts
into a  jumbled mass of  confusion

i went again
and again
but never did  i  find
what  i was seeking

so instead this year
i am going to lean
into  your embrace
and see myself
through the reflection
in your eyes

•Ꮄ• Ꮚ •Ꮄ•

Ꮄ • Ꮚ • Ꮄ

•• Ꮚ ••

“I Believe”    Fantasia

artwork ~   “Wildflowers”   John Henry Twachtman
{ public domain }

this is my submission to ~

Sweep Out the Old Year    at   POETRY JAM
prompt:  Think about the year gone by – something left behind

thank you,  Peggy!

Carry  on  Tuesday  #187     at    Carry  on  Tuesday
prompt:  the opening lines of The Beatles 1963 album track ‘There’s a Place’

“There is a place,
Where I can go”
{ use all or part }

thank you,  Keith!

Wonder Wednesday ~ Upon Reflection   at    Poets United
prompt:   Reflection

thank you,  Kim!

Theme Thursday 3 January 2013      at     Theme Thursday
prompt:   Again

thank you,   Mrsupole!

i am also participating in ~




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44 responses to “•Ꮄ• Ꮚ •Ꮄ• there is a place i used to go

  1. Sounds like a workable plan, Dani…if you trust the other person who you reflect off of. Smiles.

  2. see through the reflection of your eyes….i really like that closure, contrasting what was before…it is still cool to have that place though…you never know…..

  3. ahmm, searching for clarity…keep writing! NIce ebb and flow in this.

  4. Very charming! I’m not sure it’s always wise! But makes for a very sweet love poem! k.

  5. I think that sounds like a great place to start the new year!

  6. Hey honey! How are you? I can’t begin to explain how busy things are with me but that’s only a good thing! Been waxing lyrical on the poetry this week to eleviate exam and people related stress! Hope you’re well, having to chastise myself here for not getting in touch sooner /(

  7. so instead, this year
    i am going to lean
    into your embrace
    and see myself
    through the reflection
    in your eyes… i think that’s a wonderful thing to do…

  8. Helen

    Like your plan for the New Year, Dani! Stick with it ….

  9. We all love “places” to go to…but the best place to be is here…wherever we are. And in a loved one’s arms.

  10. peggygoetz

    Sounds like a good idea to me–leave the place of confusion behind! I like the way this one flows.

  11. Oh I love this – the very best place to see your reflection, in the eyes of someone who loves you. I really loved the springtime stanza, where the wildflowers grew between your thoughts.

  12. I sank into this one as I read it into my life, then listened to the song . . . I like its symmetry and its hope, and found the arms at the end were of God and spirit.

  13. ” so instead, this year
    i am going to lean
    into your embrace
    and see myself
    through the reflection
    in your eyes”—awesome! You’re truly romantic…:)

  14. You are such a romantic! Delightful.

  15. Profound and yet so clearly and simply cut.

  16. Dani, you actually gave me goosebumps with that ending :-) I love how you wandered through the seasons and how they affected your thoughts, very creative–especially enjoyed the wildflowers growing between and the snowflakes. Wonderful!

  17. danadampier

    This is beautiful! Having one to lean on in times of need is such a great feeling…

  18. I loved how each season brought its own little calamity to the work! There is no perfect time to write or be inspired, but I think leaning into the embrace of a trusted companion is a GREAT way to be inspired! Lovely, Dani. Peace, Amy

  19. OK give me the address and i’ll meet ya there………….

  20. Annie

    Incredible imagery that tells a true story – I love this!

  21. I really did picture you getting hit on the head by the acorns and then I was wondering why anyone would sit there and let the acorns fall on them even though I knew it was not so. I like all the different seasons and how you feel in each one. But I am not sure I would like to find myself within the arms of someone I love or that loves me. Although I am not sure if I can find myself anywhere. I think I am just one of those lost souls.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful poem here at Theme Thursday. I hope you are having a fantastic weekend.

    God bless.

    • i might be silly enough to just sit there! {smile} thank you so very much for all of the wonderful prompts you do, mrsupole! ♥ and for your kind comments! have a wonderful week.

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