·१ • ढ • · saving grace · • ढ • १·

• ढ •

i  have  lived  a  life  of  sin
tryin’  hard  just  to  get  by

not  even  god  can  help  me  now
i’m  too  far  gone…   too  far along

a   faint  whisper
from  long  ago

i  don’t  believe  in  redemption
Jesus  ain’t  gonna  save  my  soul

sometimes  the  guilt  and  the  pain
bring  me  to  my  knees

but  tears  of  repentance
don’t  wash  nothin’  away

can’t  lose  faith  since  i  never  had  any
there’s  no  saving  grace  for  me

the  day  may  soon  come
when  payment
will  be  due in  full

a  pound  of   flesh
or  an  ounce  of  soul

it  won’t  really  matter
  the  cost’ll  be  higher
than  i  wanna  pay

sing  hallelujah
sing  hallelujah

·१ • ढ • १·

१• ढ •१

• ढ •

“Saving Grace”   Everlast

this song is the inspiration for my post ~ it’s just a poem
i won’t get into a religious discussion in the comments

artwork ~  “Naked woman with dripping hair”   Pablo Picasso
{ fair use }

this is my submission to ~

Get Listed!   at   imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:   use one or more words from a word list
i had written this poem a couple of  weeks ago,  but had not posted it
it already contained one of  the words ~  innocence

thank you,  Fireblossom!

OpenLinkNight ~ Week 78   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub
submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Tashtoo!

Poetry Pantry #132   at    Poets United
submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Mary!

i am also participating in ~


“Saving Grace”   Everlast

lyrics ~

One time around the block
Two times around the clock
Three times, don’t cross the little lady (lady)

So pretty and, oh, so bold
Got a heart full of gold on a lonely road
She said, “I don’t even think that God can save me” (save me)

(Am I) gainin’ ground
(Am I) losin’ face
(Have I) lost and found my saving grace
Thankful for the gift my angels gave me

Born alone, we die alone
‘n’ I’m just sittin’ here by the phone
Waitin’ for the Lord to send my callin’

Street wise from the boulevard
Jesus only knows that she tries too hard
She’s only tryin’ to keep the sky from fallin’

Any man who says it’s Heaven and Hell
Prob’ly got somethin’ useless to sell
You ask me if I’m saved, but what’s it to ya?

Blow a quarter, cop another eight
You’re runnin’ out of high, you’re losin’ your faith
Throw your hands up and scream, “Hallelujah”

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

One time around the sun
Another year older and my work ain’t done
It’s time for me to write the final chapter (chapter)

Deal the cards and roll the dice
Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll are my only vice
Tryin’ to figure out just what’s here after (here after)

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah



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46 responses to “·१ • ढ • · saving grace · • ढ • १·

  1. The complete blog was amazing. The music and the thoughts made the reader ponder many things. I like the music. First time I heard the song.

  2. Such an amazing opening line and i love how the idea expanded and narrowed down the page. Strong vocal presence here.

  3. Nice weaving of words Dani ~ I specially like:

    one day soon
    payment in full will be due

    a pound of flesh
    or an ounce of soul

  4. Yes, that world-weary feeling comes through, in song and poem. Innocence we reject in our adolescence, deserts us in our middle years, and search for endlessly in our age. Happy New Year, dani.

    • “innocence we reject in our adolescence, deserts us in our middle years, and search for endlessly in our age.” wow, Joy! you really summed it up so well! ♥ i hope your new year is off to a wonderful start!

  5. First of all, I have never seen this Picasso painting and I was aghast at seeing it here, because it looks incredibly like a woman I painted many months back. EERIE!
    About your writing: You took a perspective and point of view and carried it through to the end, a focus that poets often lose. Additionally, you used diction representing a particular dialect and kept that consistent as well. Nicely put together.

    • i had never seen this Picasso either, but immediately fell in love with it. thank you so much for your kind, kind comment! ♥ much appreciated, Kim!

  6. Helen

    One of my favorites using FB’s word list!!!! (I also like the look and feel of your blog)
    Happy New Year Ms. Dani

  7. Wow…you capture the tone and run with it for sure…hopeless but in the same breath empowering because it doesn’t seem to phase the narrator…she’ll survive.

  8. Dani….
    The next time you feel the need to REALLY sin.
    Give me a call….:-)

    • LMFAO!!!! i’ll remember that! {i’m working on a 55, G ~ hope to post it in the wee hours of the night ~ you may like it, too as the title is “fuck you”}

  9. so lyrical…i dunno, you’d have to get pretty far for grace not to catch you , you know…nicely spun dani

    • that’s actually the premise of the cable tv show “Saving Grace” where Grace is sent a ‘last chance’ angel. {smile} thanks for your nice comment and visit, Brian!

  10. I really love the stanza that starts with blow a quarter. This poem has great legs and the feel of a hustle. Makes it quite fun to read….loved it.

    • have a little experience with blow, do we? you do know he doesn’t mean the coin, right? {smile} thank you very much for your visit and kind comment! ♥

  11. Wow Dani, you really gave us the insight and portrait of a fickle heart~
    Trying to find her way and being seduced by ?! whatever charmed her.
    I love how you layered this and found it revealing and thought provoking!
    Well Done…what a great painting..you captured its essence, perfectly :D
    Happy New Year to you n’ yours <3

  12. I can’t separate poem from poet, and it makes me sad if you sound sad, sis.

    • i promise… i swear! this is NOT autobiographical!!! i fell in love with the song {and what little i’ve seen of the cable tv show} and this is just what came out. it ain’t me, babe! *HUGS* ♥

  13. Tino

    The second offering tonight I have found that draws inspiration from the lyrics of songs. I do it often as well as I just love music. Here I also get introduced to something I would probably not otherwise listen to, so I have to say thanks for that.
    Never seen the show being a limey ;-)
    There is simply nothing not to like here!

  14. I felt sad reading this, but can appreciate it so much. You wove a good poem of despair, and you wrote it so well.

  15. It’s very bleak, someone believing damnation but not redemption. I do think, however, many may go through this, and you’ve captured that outlook very clearly.

  16. such sadness, I long to meet this person and reassure that there is no cost of receiving forgiveness and love.

  17. Your words so often have a unique slant, Dani. Good to see you in Poetry Pantry.

  18. Wow… this was very powerful. The song, the painting, then your poem made for a very powerful and beautiful experience.

  19. So poignant – “innocence a faint whisper from long ago”.

  20. Very profound words, with a great sense of hopelessness attached. I would hope, that somewhere along the journey of life, that a glimmer of hope could be seen….It is necessary…

  21. Dani, great song and excellent poetic riff on it too :-) Sometimes you just have to let it rip, regardless of where it takes you.

  22. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    I like the way you keep the spirit of the song and yet make it into something new.

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