Bah! Humbug!



Scrooge McDuck was a miser and a mean old duck,  at that.  He would rather fondle his gold than do anything else in the world except for treasure hunting to acquire more wealth.

Scrooge spent Christmas Eve as he did every evening ~ alone,  swimming in his money. Yes!  Swimming!  He dove in and did the breast stroke around the vault through the gold coins and jewels.  Reluctantly, at eleven p.m. he went up to bed.

As the old longcase clock in the hallway tolled midnight,  McDuck was awakened by a bony hand shaking him.  As he looked at the skeletal apparition,  it crooked a finger beckoning him to follow.  They walked through a mist and suddenly came out upon the Scottish Highlands between Inverness and the Drummossie Moor,  standing just outside of  a whiskey distillery.  The phantom gestured for Scrooge to look in the window.  He was surprised to see himself  and Irene…   he in his clan tartan,  she in her wedding dress.  Not wanting to have to listen to what he knew Irene was going to say,  Scrooge tried to turn to leave but that bony hand on his shoulder wouldn’t let him.

He began to shake as the words floated out the window.  “You’ve changed since buying this distillery.  All that matters to you now is money.  I will not be just another of  your possessions!”  Irene suddenly spoke very softly.  “I cannot marry you,  Scrooge.”  And with that she put her engagement ring on his desk.  The diamond sparkled in the lights from the Chrismas tree.  A mist swirled around him and McDuck found himself  back in bed.

The next thing Scrooge knew,  the clock was striking one.  Standing at the end of  his bed was an angel.

Beautiful as she was,  Scrooge cringed when she reached out and took his hand.  They walked toward the window but somehow ended up standing in the corner of  a sparcely furnished hut.  It took a moment for McDuck to recognize his nephew and two of  his three grand-nephews.  It was cold as they had only a tiny fire in their wood stove upon which was a pot of  boiled cabbage.  Donald rose up from the side of  the only bed and Scrooge was shocked to see his third great-nephew lying there,  obviously very ill.  Before he even had a chance to ask the angel what was wrong,  McDuck was in his own bed as the clock struck two.

The specter of  Death was immobile next to Scrooge’s bed,  his arm pointing to the door.  Trembling,  McDuck got up and slowly began walking.  Three steps and he was in a cemetary next to a new grave.

Death pointed his scythe to it and Scrooge realized that he was buried there.  “When will this happen?”  he asked.  “Please don’t take me now!  I’ve seen the error of  my ways.  I’ll change,  you’ll see.  Just give me another chance.”  A tear rolled down his beak and then everything went dark.

Sunlight streamed in through the window,  waking Scrooge McDuck.  His name was the same,  but everything else about him was different.  Hurriedly,  he got dressed,  grabbed pocketsfull of  money and ran out of  the house.  He made several stops along his way,  wishing everyone he met a very Merry Christmas!  At last he was knocking upon a door.  The look of  surprise on his nephew’s face was priceless and Scrooge began to laugh.  “Don’t stand in the way, boy!  Let the delivery people in.”

A huge commotion ensued with a tree and decorations,  gifts galore stacked under it,  and a scrumptious feast laid out upon the table.  An electric fireplace and space heaters were set up so that every corner of  the cottage was soon toasty warm.  A doctor had arrived to treat the young duck still in bed.  In just a short time his cheeks were rosy and a smile spread across his face.  Carolers stood just outside the front window singing while all of  the activity went on inside.

When everything was perfect and everyone else had left,  Scrooge looked at his family,  saying  “I’m so sorry that I have neglected you.  Please allow me to make it up to you today and for the rest of  my life.  I love you all!”  Spreading his arms wide to give them a hug,  the boys looked at one another then ran to their great-uncle,  overjoyed to have him in their lives.  Donald just said  “Welcome home,  Uncle Scrooge.  Welcome home!”

You know the moral ~
family means ev’rything
’til the end of  your days




i hope you will enjoy this music even if  you do not celebrate Christmas ~ it is so beautifully sung.  no matter what your religion,  i wish you a happy holiday season and happy New Year!

“Carol of the Bells [Acapella]”  by Barlow Girl



images ~   “Scrooge McDuck”   Carl Barks
Christmas tree/angel/headstone/carolers via Google Images
{ fair use }


loosely based upon  Charles Dickens’  “A Christmas Carol”   and featuring the character of  Scrooge McDuck

longcase clock  ~  also called a ‘grandfather clock’  is a tall wooden case housing a pendulum clock



this is my submission to ~


Wonder Wednesday #12 Scrooge   at    Poets United
prompt:   write about the ‘bah! humbug!’ aspect of  Christmas a la Dickens’  “A Christmas Carol”

thank you,  Ella!



i am also participating in ~






i want to apologize for not returning blog visits recently.  i promise i will be by as soon as i can!  i look forward to reading your wonderful words.







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5 responses to “Bah! Humbug!

  1. A good lesson for this time of year for sure.

  2. Haha..I forgot about that miserable old sod Scrooge McDuck… He did used to love counting and, even swimming in his money too didn’t he!!
    Really enjoyed this Dickens of a tale Dani ;)

  3. So much fun, Dani! And I LOVE the a capella….beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you Dani, this warms my heart~ The true treasures of life can not be bought~ Love this! The music is wonderful~ <3

  5. I love your McDuck tale. Thank you, Dani!

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