|| // urgency \\ ||



||  //

urgency  ||  expectancy

my longing unquenched

shall i learn patience?  ||  i think not

the immediacy of  your presence


i do not care  ||  for lessons learned  ||

my selfish need for you

my solitary thought  ||

i shall wait not one moment longer

||  unwilling to be deprived of  you

i come unto you  ||  now!

||  ||  //

\\  ||



“I Miss You”   Avril Lavigne



artwork ~  “The Kiss”   Max Ernst  1927
{ fair use }



this is my submission to ~


Poetics:  MISSING YOU   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub
prompt:   Write about  ‘missing you’

thank you,  Stu!


Prompt 128    at   The Music In It:  Adele Kenny’s Poetry Blog
prompt:  Waiting

thank you,  Adele!


Poetry Pantry #126   at    Poets United
submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Mary!


Open Link Monday   at   imaginary garden with real toads
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24 responses to “|| // urgency \\ ||

  1. now that is taking the bull by the horns….go after it….dont wait a moment longer for them to move…move yourself…smiles….happy sunday dani

    • happy Sunday to you, Brian! ♥ i thought this was going to be a mushy, sentimental poem but it came out much more abrupt than i expected. i really appreciate your visit and comment ~ i’ll be by to visit after i get some sleep ~ another Saturday night staying up writing for dVerse. {smile}

  2. smiles…now that reminds me of that foreigner song “urgent” – ha- go for it..smiles

    • i really thought this was going to be a mushy romantic declaration ~ muse had other ideas. {smile} thanks for stopping by Claudia! ♥ i’ll be over to your blog soon.

  3. Impulsiveness — nothing but trouble for the careless person and freedom for the over-careful.

  4. Definitely lives up to the title, dani–and I think the implication is how much the other person will miss here. Love the Max Ernst.

  5. poemsofhateandhope

    This has some force! Missing someone to the point of doing something about it! Going to get them! And I like this take on the prompt…shows an assertive side, passionate maybe…I also really liked the form, which gave the poem a discordance, much like the feelings when you make these kinds of decisions and the adrenaline flows through your body! Very Interesting and very much enjoyed

    • thank you, Stu!!! i take that as a great compliment coming from you! and definitely intended an undercurrent of passion, though not sensuality. {smile}

  6. Ha, now that’s what I call an assertive woman. LOL.

  7. Get what you want when you want it!! Brilliant!


  8. A different and more assertive take on this missing prompt ~ Good one Dani ~

    Have a good week ~

  9. Now this is someone who knows how to go after what she needs! Way to go!

  10. The message’s intensity is magnified by your unusual use of punctuation. It all works well.

  11. The emotion is captured here, one big wind, which we let take us at times and resist at others. That wind is strong in your poem.

  12. Oh this is intense longing… probably this is going to send telepathic waves before you reach…loved your verse..

  13. Hannah Pratt

    What is a sense of urgency? I know not of the existance of such a thing.

  14. ellaedge

    I love how you captured this urgent, breathless feeling!
    Well done….I could really feel it! ————

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