an intimate conversation

“Would you like more coffee?”

“No,  thank you.  I’m afraid it would keep me awake.
I’ll  do the dishes as soon as the news is over.”

“That’s fine.  I’m just going to check my emails before bed.”

{ twenty minutes later }

“Please hand wash the wine glasses.  They might chip in the dishwasher.”

“Are you off  to bed now?”


{ she climbs the stairs }

{ he finishes the dishes
then goes into the den to pull out the sofa bed }

{ as she’s drifting off  to sleep,  she thinks
“If  only he would really talk to me…” }

{ as he’s putting on his pajamas,  he thinks
“At least we make believe everything’s okay.” }

{ darkness descends as he turns off  the light }

• • •

• •

“It’s Only Make Believe”   Billy Fury

artwork ~  “The Lovers”  Rene Magritte
{ fair use }

this is my submission to ~

Let’s Play Make Believe   at   POETRY JAM
prompt:  write about make believe or fantasy

i am also participating in ~




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12 responses to “an intimate conversation

  1. I would guess that more people live like this than one might think. My own parents were Great Pretenders.

  2. What a sad commentary on this particular relationship. Perhaps fantasy is the only way for it to have a chance to continue?

    • i was talking to Shay about it and we agreed that some men just don’t want to talk about any problems and some women will do anything to avoid a confrontation {and vice versa} but i sure wouldn’t want to live that way! thanks for stopping by, Mary! ♥

  3. ugh. what a sad life it is…alone together…i def think both sides have a lot of growing up to do….

  4. margaretbednar

    What a unique twist on “make believe”. Very, very clever and a lot sad.

  5. Oh those kinds of relationships are so sad, when there is no emotional closeness and no ability to communicate or connect. I like how you set this up like it’s on stage. Very effective! :)

  6. Dani, a very clever response to the prompt. Those rough patches–gotta make believe until you see the sun again…:-)

  7. peggygoetz

    I am kind of late getting to comments on all the postings but this is an effective poem. Very sad and I am sure very true for way too many.

  8. always happy to find new literary sites….

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