∙ᶔ∙ •ᶋ• ∙ᶓ∙ so delicious { revisiting 2010 }

• ᶋ •

come,  take my hand,

explore your fantasies with me

and  i  with you,  so exciting

a  journey we shall both enjoy

so delicious…    so enticing

come,  take my hand,

kiss my lips…    drive me mad

∙ᶔ∙ •ᶋ• ∙ᶓ∙

ᶔ •ᶋ• ᶓ

• ᶋ •

“Tell Me  ‘Bout It”   Joss Stone

originally posted  2 March 2010
and  24 March 2011

artwork ~ “Nude Drawing”   Raphael Kirchner
{ public domain }

i am participating in ~




Filed under lust, NaBloPoMo, poetry, Post-A-Day2012, redux

4 responses to “∙ᶔ∙ •ᶋ• ∙ᶓ∙ so delicious { revisiting 2010 }

  1. Very sensual, Dani. Smiles.

  2. Lovely, Dani! Very lyrical, this sounds like a love song (as your blog is aptly titled :)

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