∙ŋ∙ £ ∙ŋ∙ i need you { revisiting 2010 }



∙ £ ∙

how  could  i  have  needed  you  so

and  never  known  it  ’til  i  met  you?

∙ŋ∙ £ ∙ŋ∙

ŋ∙ £ ∙ŋ

∙∙ £ ∙∙


“When I Need You”  Leo Sayer



originally posted  22 February 2012
{ revised slightly }



artwork ~  “Couple on the Shore”  ( from the Reinhardt Frieze )  Edvard Munch
{ fair use }



i am participating in ~









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14 responses to “∙ŋ∙ £ ∙ŋ∙ i need you { revisiting 2010 }

  1. We never know how much, until we fall…do we?
    Beautiful Dani.

  2. smiles….yet another mystery of love….we never knew how much we missed them til we met them….ha, true…

  3. I love this and so true! We don’t know what we are missing… I too love the mystery of love ;D ————

  4. once we open the doors to love amazing what awesome love comes through

    thank you Dani for your footprints of love in my world

    waving you a wonderful wave SHF E

  5. Sounds like the right person has been found. Smiles!

  6. moondustwriter

    now that makes me happy / for you!!!!

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