∙ʝ∙ ʧ ∙∙ imagine ∙∙ ʧ ∙ʝ∙




sit a moment
in complete silence
close your eyes
and imagine

if  we had proof  of  Heaven
if  we could go to Heaven and back

if  we knew without a doubt
that our actions here on Earth
determine if  we get into Heaven after death

how the world might change
would all wars end?
would all violent crime disappear?

what life could be like
would everyone be kind?
would everyone put others first?

the possibilities

∙ʝ∙ ʧ ∙ʝ∙

 ʝ∙ ʧ ∙ʝ

 ∙∙ ʧ ∙∙

 ∙  ʧ  ∙

two songs which seem appropriate for this poem,  both sung by  Jordis Unga
the first  “Imagine”  and the second  “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”



artwork ~   “Paradise”  unknown folk artist
{ public domain }



this is my submission to ~


Best Sellers   at   POETRY JAM
prompt:  use a book title from the N.Y. Times Best Seller List
“PROOF OF HEAVEN” by Eben Alexander
“TO HEAVEN AND BACK” by Mary C. Neal

thank you,  Mary K!


Carry On Tuesday #182    at   Carry on Tuesday
prompt:   Titles of  two of  The Beatles’  most loved songs
“Imagine”  and  “Here there and everywhere”
{ use all or part }

thank you,  Keith!


Prompt #346  at  Sunday Scribblings
prompt:    Silence

thank you,  Megg!



i am also participating in ~









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36 responses to “∙ʝ∙ ʧ ∙∙ imagine ∙∙ ʧ ∙ʝ∙

  1. Fear of hell and promise of reward in Heaven has been with us for thousands of years — it hasn’t worked. Maybe because people really don’t believe it exists as they see the horror around them. Maybe because to miracle stories are stories of old and no longer happen. Maybe because the harps and praising a god who does not intervene seems horrible.

    We’ve given the threat of Heaven a try — time to try something else, I think.

    Putting others first works by living a life of example. I agree with your desire. I think using the Heaven threat is not the right way to do it.

    • i did not mean it as a threat ~ i meant if people could go to Heaven just long enough to see that it is real, maybe they would live their lives in peace and goodwill in order to achieve the reward of Heaven after death. it is just a poem ~ in reality i think religions are too often used as excuses for war, and nothing will stop some human beings from committing violent acts. i have very little hope that there is ANY way to achieve peace on earth.

      • I don’t think there is a Heaven. Thus using such a thing as a carrot reward to get people to act nicely is not a good strategy. Religions have done that for thousands of years.

        I think we have to learn to think about here, now, each other and not focus on an afterlife. But I get that it is just a poem. I agree with you. I am skeptical of peace on Earth. There will only be local temporary peace and we must struggle for that.

        Thanx for replying!

        • PS — when you say “it is just a poem”, I think that poems communicate. I don’t think that because ideas are written in poetic form that they can not be discussed. Poems often take positions. Poems aren’t sacred things where people can say whatever they want. Just my thoughts.

          • i’ve gotten in a bad habit of saying “it’s just a poem” because so many people {i’m not saying you} think that everything i write is autobiographical or states my personal views when in fact many poems i write are the opposite of what i really think or feel. and it is wonderful when a poem or a song or another work of art sparks conversations, don’t you think? {smile} thanks so much for your insightful comments, Sabio!

        • i do realize that Heaven does not exist in some religions and i tend to be wary of most organized religions anyway. {smile}

  2. I think a lot do believe in it and I don’t think it makes any difference because of man’s flawed nature. Violence and vileness is part of man’s inhumanity to man. As some one said it is not surprising that monstrous events like genocide happen..it is surprising that it doesn’t happen more often!
    Thought provoking poem.

    • personally, i don’t think knowing Heaven existed would have much impact. as you say, human beings are innately capable of violence and evil. thank you for your visit and comment, Cressida! ♥

  3. I have been thinking about your poem, Dani. I do believe in Heaven, and I wonder if it would really make any difference to me right now if I could journey to heaven and back. Perhaps I would be a little more outspoken in faith, I don’t know. But really there would be skeptics anyway if one could do this. The person who claimed to have seen Heaven would be looked upon perhaps as hallucinating or crazy or would be ridiculed, just as those who believe in it (without having visited there) are sometimes put down by others who don’t believe.

    • i don’t think proof would change some people for the better ~ i’m not sure if i believe in Hell in the afterlife, but i do believe in Evil in this world. with all that’s been going on lately, i’m just wishing we could find a solution for world peace. ♥

  4. first i think the thought is wonderful…i do wonder though how many it would actually make a difference to? you know…would the promise if they could see it be any more different…ugh i wish we could find some way to make it change…

  5. Just beautiful. With the world on the edge of yet another war, I wish people could take a moment and read your words. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. My post was along these lines too Dani. When you have a religion which firmly teaches and believes that the more non believers they kill they are assured a place in Heaven, there is no chance ever for any of us to live in peace. It would take surviving a global catastrophe and its aftermath, to end all of the crap and get us back to living compassionately toward each other again. I really enjoyed this and, no-one can say for sure if there is a Heaven or Hell, unless they’ve died, been there, and come back to tell the story. I believe in a higher power, the rest is (I think) is man made crap.
    Great poem Dani. Well said.

  7. Lovely! I wonder this too–I wish it were true, there would definitely be more peace. A wonderful write :-)

  8. Lovely thoughts, Dani! I love the title, Imagine, and your take on the prompts is beautiful. I think we can create Heaven on Earth with kindness and compassion. Have a wonderful day! :)

  9. Helen

    Hi there! Happy Turkey Day …. all sorts of reactions pop up when we write about heaven, hell, gods, religion. Imagine is the perfect title and theme of your poem, Dani.

    I met a woman author last week in the poetry section of Barnes & Noble … most impressive resume! She reminded me that everything we write, whether we embrace the concept or reject the concept, is an autobiography of sorts. Kind of fascinating to think about.

    • it is fascinating! i guess even if i write something intentionally the opposite of what i believe, that is revealing a truth about myself, isn’t it? thank you so much for your visits and comments, Helen! ♥ much appreciated! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Congratulations on a well-worked response to the prompt. I was taken along by it and able to suspend disbelief. Credit to you. My hang-up is that if we need heaven to make sense of this life, then I would need something beyond heaven to make sense of it. We end up with turtles on the backs of turtles for ever. That’s my hang-up, of course, and not your fault.

  11. There would be so many possibilities! Beautiful poem!

  12. Oh what a beautiful thought….if everyone could think this way….well I imagine, things would surely have changed …..

  13. These are beautiful thoughts, but as long as we remain human we’ll be causing trouble. That’s just the way human beings are.

  14. margaretbednar

    This IS something I do… close my eyes and have a “conversation” with my self…and God. One can “argue” one’s case, ha ha, but there is no escaping the truth. Yes, if everyone closed their eyes, could utter NO excuses, and know they are speaking with God… the world would be a different place. But God remains “invisible” and we must walk in faith. Not easy to do…

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