at the circus

i can’t go to a circus without breaking down
i weep for the elephants;  i sob for the clown

i commiserate with the lady on the flying trapeze
she’s married to a strongman who won’t allow her to sneeze

i feel sorry for the clown who plays the French horn
his wife,  the drummer,  doesn’t let him eat corn

i pity the puppies forced to do tricks
by the animal trainer who threatens them with sticks

i sympathize with the beautiful horse
who’s back is bounced on as a matter of  course

but i don’t feel bad for the man who plays dead
it gives him a chance to rest outside of  bed

i’m allergic to peanuts,  popcorn and fun you see
so please,  no more!  no more circuses for me!

·Ꮽ •Ꭷ• Ꮾ·



“Big Top March  ~  A Day At the Circus”

artwork ~   top painting  “Circus”  August Macke
{ public domain}

artwork ~  second painting  “Circus Band”   Maurice Prendergast
{ public domain }

artwork ~  third painting  “At the Circus The Animal Trainer”   Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
{ public domain }

artwork ~ fourth painting   “The Circus”   Georges Seurat
{ public domain }

artwork ~  fifth painting   “Salto mortale in circus”   August Macke
{ public domain }

this is my submission to ~

Under the Big Top    at   POETRY JAM
prompt:  Circus

thank you,  Mary M!

i am also participating in ~




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16 responses to “at the circus

  1. This cracked me up, sis! So many clever lines, and the circus music vid is fun.

  2. I hear you with this poem, Dani. There is a lot not to like about the circus. don’t think that children who go realize it….but as adults we look at the circus and its performers with different ‘glasses.’

    • i’ve never felt the same about the circus since i took my daughter {who was only about six then} to see the circus animals being unloaded from the train. i don’t know about now, but back then the animals were not treated very well. thanks for stopping by, Mary! ♥

  3. peggygoetz

    You are definitely NOT a circus fan! You convey the sense of these personal tragedies very well

  4. Helen

    … totally delightful, Dani!!!

  5. Girl, you are entirely too clever! This is hilarious!

  6. so much to be sad of at the circus…i did chuckle that the sneezing…i seriously hate to sneeze….and my wife and i playfully joke about it…and i tell her to stop when she is sneezing…but ack, sticks on dogs….sad….

  7. ha! So fun to read and I relate to all your sentiments too.

    • judging from the responses to Mary’s circus prompt there seem to be a lot of us who don’t care for the circus, or at least the clowns. {smile} thanks so much for stopping by! ♥

  8. A fun take on the circus prompt, gave me a much needed giggle!

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