Danny’s Coffee Shop



It was 6am in Michigan but only 4am in Phoenix.  Shay was on Michigan time and she’s a fucking morning person,  but she was my house guest so i grunted politely when she woke me up.  We had a quick croissant and iced coffee before heading out.  We were goin’  on a road trip ~ Shay was taking me to Danny’s Coffee Shop in Norman, Oklahoma.  Afterward we were gonna swing by and see Mama Zen and Hedgewitch.

Shay drove her black 1960 Chrysler convertible with a REAL engine in it.  Must be at least a V-12 or V-16.  Man,  that’s a helluva ride!  We had a great time on the road,  but that’s not what I wanna tell you about.  I wanna talk about Danny’s ~ they serve killer coffee { but no donuts,  which I just don’t understand. }

We arrived as the breakfast rush let up and only the regulars were left.  The Succubus { seven feet tall with black wings } was in a corner booth having a cigarette with Danny and the waitress, Denise.  Of  course,  The Queen of  the Vampires { in her black panther form } and the seriously hot Dark-Haired Chick were getting all cuddly in their booth while the kitten Giuseppe Verdi played with the QOTV’s tail.  God was counting her tips at the counter.  Chloe,  the serial murderess with shoes to-die-for,  and Savanna,  the teenage runaway,  were playing canasta in a booth by the door.  The blessed Saint Creola and Vajaysus,  the Girl Savior,  were having a convo about whether or not Savanna would pull her knife outta her boot if  Chloe won.  { She didn’t. }

Shay say  “I’ve come to pay Buddah Moskowitz’s tab.”  Danny said  “I’ll be damned!”  The Dark-Haired Chick stopped petting the QOTV,   and  God whispered  “Will miracles never cease?”  Shay bought a round of  mocha lattes for everyone and we gabbed for a good two hours.  As we were walking out the door amid the  “Goodbye chicas”  and  “Y’all come back now”  and even a few meows,  all the ladies at Danny’s began to laugh.  When they all laugh at once they sound like angels,  Danny’s Coffee Shop angels.





this is my attempt at a  literary allusion  to the series of  poems set in Danny’s Coffee Shop written by Shay aka Fireblossom at  ‘Shay’s Word Garden‘.  Shay wrote an amazing poem  “Buddah Moskowitz Invades Fireblossom’s Dreams”  in which she received a package from the real poet,  Buddah Moskowitz.  in the poem,  Shay bought a car and came to Arizona to visit me.  my tale picks up where Shay’s ended.  ALL of  the characters at  Danny’s Coffee Shop are the creation of  Shay aka Fireblossom and are used here with her permission.  Mama Zen  and  Hedgewitch  are two real poets who have appeared at Danny’s Coffee Shop.  you can find the series  HERE.  my gratitude to Shay!  i’m just sorry i couldn’t do her characters justice.  the final sentence is a direct quote from one of  Shay’s poems.  ©Shay aka Fireblossom



images are from  ‘Shay’s Word Garden’



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58 responses to “Danny’s Coffee Shop

  1. Wow, laughing angels — I’ve never imagined them laughing or crying or anything but being messengers without will.
    Fun Coffee Shop adventure

  2. haha well played homage to shay…i am rather fond of the kitten…um i will take one of those mocha lattes if they are being passed around….

  3. This is such a hoot! I can’t wait till she sees this!

  4. Fun, fun, fun. I want to be there with all of you. In January when I head back to Palm Desert, pack up the whole bunch of you and head west on I-10 and we can go to Sherman’s Deli where they have Matzo Ball soup to die for. The Matzo Ball is the size of a soft ball. You have created a sense of place that is so real and I congratulate you for tying in to Shay’s work. Wonderful.

    • the creation of Danny’s and the characters is all Shay’s! thanks for the great prompt at dVerse, Victoria! ♥ i’m up for a road trip any time. {smile}

  5. hedgewitch

    Dani, you make sure that big car makes it to my house, then we can all go back (after we pick up Mama Zen,) and the lattes are on me. I hope Shay is bringing Bosco because my dog Chinook has a serious crush on him. Loved it, girl–this should get all the chicas laughing like angels.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.

  7. Helen

    Next time you two chicks are out toolin’ around … will you think about letting me tag along? I’m needin’ me some excitement! Obviously it’s where you ladies hang!

  8. I’d like a mocha latte as well. OR a bottle of Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea.

    I would be shakin’ in my boots just trying to pay homage to Shay. Almost all of us pale next to her.

    You made a valiant effort. ;)

    • oh, i knew i couldn’t come close either to Shay’s style or the brilliance of her poems, so i didn’t even try to copy her! i just wanted to, as you say, pay homage to her and the amazing Danny’s Coffee Shop characters! thanks so much for your visit and comment, Sioux! ♥

  9. Shawna

    This is awesome!!! The part about paying Buddah’s tab and all the characters in the third paragraph—just priceless! So much fun. :)

    • thank you, Shawna! ♥ all of that came directly from Shay’s Danny Coffee Shop poems plus the one in which she comes to visit me. i had great fun writing this!

  10. Wow, Dani, you did this so well I thought it was Shay, writing on your blog……….talk about a fun read. Loved it, especially that when they laugh, they sound like angels……..

    • i lifted that line directly from one of Shay’s poems ~ it’s brilliant! all i did here was write the character descriptions as Shay had depicted them in her poems. thank you so much, Sherry! ♥

  11. MaryD

    Came over from Shay’s blog. This is better than fun, but I am not coming up with a good word right now….loved it though.

  12. You did a fantastic job, sis. It’s so much fun for me to come and see my characters in your capable hands…almost like reading something of my own without the bother of writing it! LOL!

    It’s obvious that everyone had fun reading this. Thanks a million for the way you put this together. You’re the best Poet Sista a girl ever had!

    • awwww! YOU‘re the best Post Sista!!! it was wonderful to finally read ALL of the Danny’s Coffee Shop poems {you started writing them two years before we met} and it was an absolute joy to get to visit there with you! maybe one of us will write about the road trip sometime. {smile} Love ya, Sis! ♥

  13. margaretbednar

    The Succubus { seven feet tall with black wings } was in a corner booth having a cigarette … that and Queen of the Vampires…

    …I don’t know, It would have to be some pretty amazing coffee (and flavored cream) to get me to walk into that place :) But the car ride sounds like a TON of fun!

    • if you have a chance, read some of Shay’s Danny’s Coffee Shop poems and i bet you’ll end up liking The Succubus and The Queen of the Vampires… even they have their good sides! {smile} thanks so much for stopping by, Margaret! ♥

  14. Oooh, I don’t know which to envy most, the road trip in that car (sigh) or the mocha latte in the coffee shop (wow)!
    I love your homage to Fireblossom. She deserves it, creative creature that she is.

  15. fantastic odyssey of intersecting poems and poets…awesome!

  16. Excellent homage to Danny’s and to FB! Those DCS poems are some of my favs! And I bet they do sound like angels!

  17. Although I’m coming in in the middle(of the story) I enjoyed your narrative poem so much. I was right there in that coffee shop, noticing all the characters with you. Well done! Now I have to find Shay!

  18. ellaedge

    Yes, pass the darkness, I mean coffee, lol
    Fun to read…is there going to be a book, perhaps?!
    Inquiring poetic wizards want to know?! ;D <3

    • ooooh! wouldn’t it be wonderful if Shay would write a Danny’s Coffee Shop novel? LOVE the idea!!! ♥ thanks so much for stopping by, Ella!!

  19. Oh, MY GOODNESS!! Did I love this?! Yes, I did, dani!!!

    This was SO fun and I’m grateful for the links to get up to speed on the rest of the story…so fun! :)

  20. Great one, a V16 now that is one hellva engine, :)

  21. I wish I lived on the West Coast, because methinks there is something in the water there…. LOVE your play off Shay (hey, hey!) and picking up Buddah’s tab. The characters all take me back to Venice Beach in the 70s, hanging out with the hangovers at Dupar’s… Just wonderful, rollicking fun. THANKS! Peace, Amy

  22. This was fun. I use to live in Oklahoma so it took me back to some fond memories. “God was counting her tips at the corner.” Love that!

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