∙ϟ •Ϟ• ∙ endless winter ∙ •Ϟ• ϟ∙



• Ϟ •

living in worlds
traveling at different speeds
existing in the same space
but never touching

no warmth shared
no futures intertwined
love not lost
only imagined there

merely surviving
in this endless winter
filled with the cold
of  your indifference

∙ϟ • Ϟ • ϟ∙

ϟ •Ϟ• ϟ

• Ϟ •


“Indifference”   Pearl Jam



artwork ~   “Two Heads Looking at Each Other”   Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
{ public domain }



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36 responses to “∙ϟ •Ϟ• ∙ endless winter ∙ •Ϟ• ϟ∙

  1. nice…pearl jam again, one of my fav bands…..seasons of indifference would be sadly very cold…particularly in a relationship….and with it neglect….

  2. Living in the same space with no warmth shared, WOULD indeed feel like an emotional winter and would be as painful to endure as frostbite, I fear. Very well expressed, Dani.

  3. I guess we should not expect of the other, but it is unavoidable. I had not heard this song in a long time — it was fun to listen again.

    I looked for some background:
    Eddie Vedder on “Indifference”, taken from Allan Jones’ Pearl Jam biography:

    “The way I look at it is this. On average, we have maybe 50 to 60 years on the planet. And we probably have 20 years when we’re a vital presence, when you can actually do something with your life. So what are you going to do with that time? Are you gonna enjoy it, not get involved? Or are you gonna try and do something to make some other peoples’ lives better than they are, even if it means going through hell? Even if those people don’t even appreciate what you’re trying to do. Even if you’re not sure yourself that what you’re doing is going to make any bit of difference.

    I go through cycles thinking about this. I mean, what do you have to do to remind people that one of the best things you could hear in this life is the laughter of a child? I’m always trying to understand what’s happening in the world . . . When it comes down to it, you can’t turn your back on what’s happening. You have to do something. Jesus knows, it’s tough, because you never really know if what you’re doing is going to have any effect. But what’s the alternative? You walk away, pretend it’s not happening? Can’t be done.”

  4. Love only imagined… what a great concept for a poem.

    • i have one of my old poems from 2010 that i’m going to repost soon and it’s based on the same idea. i call them my “tortured love” poems. {smile} thanks so much for your visit and comment, Margaret! ♥

  5. Oh, so sad, though a beautiful write :-)

  6. I love those closing lines!

  7. Peggy

    Oh indifference is surely a winter of sorts. And I do hope it is not endless–but perhaps the only way to end it is if we stop caring and become indifferent too. So ironic. Thanks for responding to my prompt Dani!

  8. I can feel the chill – and the loneliness of someone else’s “indifference”. Good one, Dani!

  9. Helen

    Indifference does feel very winter like ………

    • sometimes i think indifference can be more painful than having someone not love us ~ as if we don’t matter at all. thank you so much for stopping by, Helen! ♥

  10. So sad and so true
    Emma at llm calling

  11. I can feel the cold pain in your words.

  12. I like the take on winter as the cold indifference between two people ~

    Nice one Dani ~

  13. Ah yes, indifference is such a cruel thing, icy like the coldest of winter days. Great metaphor and emotion here. You know, those who are indifferent to life or others are actually the ones missing out. So sad. Have a lovely evening, Dani xx

  14. I love this poem probably because it is part of the tapestry of my experience
    until I learnt that love is mutual. There are too many books telling women they must give their all and expect little or nothing in return (mainly by men.)

    • that’s true! i think { i hope! } women’s expectations are changing, even if more slowly than i’d like. thank you so much for your visit and insightful comment! ♥

  15. Powerful ending, apathy is the most destructive approach to life and others.

  16. Wow, Dani, another one of your poems that I think I’ve lived through a time or two. That icy chill just permeates each word of this. So well done!

  17. margaretbednar

    the cold
    of your indifference

    That is a chilling winter… lets hope she goes out to look for spring.

  18. Yes, that’s just how it feels. Well penned, and great song choice to go along with it. (Sorry it took me so long to get here! I appreciate your comment on my dVerse poem,)

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