·≈§≈· tilting at windmills ·≈§≈·




women are my windmills
i tilt at them

women,  women everywhere
as far as my eyes can see

young women
women of  a  ‘certain age’
innocent women
women hiding a wicked nature

tall women
women who long to be called petite
brunette women
women claiming to be natural blondes

beautiful women
women molded into a plastic image
intelligent women
women who play dumb

as far as my eyes can see
women,  women everywhere

i tilt at them
women are my windmills





“Don Quixote”   Gordon Lightfoot



Tilting at windmills  is an English idiom which means attacking imaginary enemies ~ the phrase derives from an episode in the novel  ‘Don Quixote’  by Miguel de Cervantes.  in the novel,  Don Quixote fights windmills that he imagines to be giants.  Quixote sees the windmill blades as the giant’s arms,  for instance. tilting at windmills also means the sort of hopeless,  romantic,  crazily pointless but somehow endearing taking-on of something that either doesn’t exist or can’t be attained

  • In the 2010 TV Series “The Trip,” Steve Coogan says “Women are my windmills. I tilt at them.”



artwork ~  windmill by  SueAnn Lommler



this is my submission to ~


Poetics: Through the Artist’s Lens   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub
prompt:  image above by  SueAnn Lommler

thank you,  Brian!


Wonder Wednesday? #7      at     Poets United
prompt:   Wicked

thank you,  Ella!


Carry On Tuesday # 180   at   Carry on Tuesday
prompt:   the first line from a 1982 song sung by Colin Blunstone with the Alan Parsons Project
As far as my eyes can see
{ use all or part }

thank you,  Keith!


Prompt 245  at   One Single Impression
prompt:   Nature

thank you,  Leo!



i am also participating in ~









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36 responses to “·≈§≈· tilting at windmills ·≈§≈·

  1. So many women to tilt at, so little time. Fun writing.

  2. Neat take on this image. I wonder if you think Dulcinea was a windmill to the old knight? In his satire of romanticism, Cervantes saw a lot clearly. Thanks for making me think this morning! (And thanks for visiting “Step Up”)

  3. As indeed, do I …lol
    Fabulous read Dani …women ….>>> Rock!~! (Just like you)

  4. interesting take on the prompt…the song matches perfectly. really enjoyed this one!

  5. ha. hopefully in tilting at them it is not an attack like don quixote….smiles….but there are so many women to appreciate, for their beauty but also for just being them…

  6. too many women… what an entertaining piece!

  7. Well I never thought of that….thanks Dani for the invite ~ Sure I am participating ~

  8. Ahhh, one could could have worse windmills. LOL. An enjoyable read, Dani.

  9. Grins. Delightful poem.
    “If you could read my mind” is better!

  10. Tilting at windmills also means the sort of hopeless, romantic, crazily pointless, but somehow endearing taking-on of something that either doesn’t exist or can’t be attained. Admit it…you like those wooden shoes!

  11. PS- I love Gordon Lightfoot!

  12. Loved this – wondered about the pov – certainly you made a case that could be explicated two entirely different ways from an “up with consciousness about women” from a woman’s view; or just a feast of women from a man’s pov. Either way, this is very fine!

  13. Don Quixote…you brought the knight back with a new take on this expression…almost forgot about him and his chivalrous battles.

  14. Do you really think of women as enemies? Curious!

    • first, this is just a poem and may or may not have anything to do with my personal views. second, you’re the only person who has thought i’m referring to women as enemies. curious!

  15. I had not heard this English idiom before….tilt as much as you want but be chivalrous ;)

  16. What a lot of women! I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

  17. sayantinibhattacharya

    A nice, witty, enjoyable post. Loved it :)

    Visit my blog @ another part of me

  18. I love your view! I grew up with Gordon Lightfoot..you take me back~
    My Mom played his music, a lot :D

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