◦»Ѳ«◦ even fish { revisiting 2010 }



even fish come close to the surface of the water and look up

animals living underground come out to see the light

every bird sits up and preens to look  its  best

trees shake a  bit to fluff  their  branches

blades  of  grass  stand up  straighter

flowers  lift their faces to the  sky

plants stretch their leaves out

animals awake and stand up

early each and every day

the world  awaits the  sunrise

and the promise of a brand new day



◦ Ѳ ◦

“Here Comes the Sun”    The Beatles

originally posted  29 April 2010

artwork ~  “Norham Castle,  Sunrise”   William Turner
{ public domain }

i am participating in ~




Filed under NaBloPoMo, poetry, Post-A-Day2012, redux

4 responses to “◦»Ѳ«◦ even fish { revisiting 2010 }

  1. nice…you bring that promise to live in your scene which is so alive with anticipation…love it dani…

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