∙ς ∙ζ∙ ∙ sounds in the night ∙ ∙ζ∙ ς∙



∙ ζ ∙

i would awaken during the night
to sounds i didn’t really understand
the yelling
the frightened screams
the slamming door
the weeping

sleep became sinister
something to be avoided
everything was fine
before i closed my eyes
it must be my fault
mustn’t it?

as i got older i began to realize
what was happening in the other room
but i didn’t know what frightened me more
that he would go away forever
or that he’d be back the next day

∙ς ∙ζ∙ ς∙

∙∙ ζ ∙∙

∙ ζ ∙


Beethoven’s  “Moonlight Sonata”   Instrumental



artwork ~  “Young Girl Dreaming”   Paul Gauguin
{ public domain }



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OpenLinkNight ~ 67  at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub
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Trifecta: Week Forty-Eight    at   trifecta
prompt:   things that scared you as a child  and the word

SINISTER:   singularly evil or productive of evil

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38 responses to “∙ς ∙ζ∙ ∙ sounds in the night ∙ ∙ζ∙ ς∙

  1. Oh Dani, what a heart wrenching read. Love moonlight sonata, I practised and practised until I mastered the piece, much to my parents dismay I’m sure. We need to exchange emails soon, so much has happened in so short a time. Think about you often lady xx

  2. Ouch! I have several very dear friends harmed by these sorts of stories. Well said ! even if centered! ;-)

  3. ugh….harsh reality…to hear that as a child and then to realize what it meant…it is hard…we love our parents in ways that are beyond reason at times….and to lose one is so hard no matter what, but then again there is a fear for safety….ugh…all too real verse dani

  4. debraaelliott1960

    Words are timeless and your words will have a lasting effect. Thank you for stopping by my blog and your thoughtful comment.

  5. ugh…felt…reminded me of when my parents yelled at each other and my bro and i would lie awake in our beds, unable to sleep…terrible…

  6. Great job at conveying the sadness and the isolation and the guilt.

  7. What a heart wrenching piece. I can’t imagine the terror or sadness. You have such an ability to transport people with you when you write.

  8. dk

    Oh so tragic and true for children of those circumstances. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Gina

    I’m sure a lot of kids have felt that way. Truly sad and scary!

    Love the easy flow of your words, too!

  10. hedgewitch

    Yes, I can relate. I used to beg them to stop fighting–they would tell me they weren’t fighting, just ‘having a discussion.’ Yeah, and Attila the Hun was just out there riding around and conquered Asia by accident. Good one, dani.

  11. This is really heartbreaking, Dani.

    • i can only imagine a young child trying to understand what’s happening when they can hear, but not see, the arguments. thanks for stopping by, MZ! ♥

  12. karen

    This is a beautiful and painful story, and such a strong way to employ the prompt. If this is a remembering, I feel your pain, I may have even lived a variety of it.

    • my mother was not physically abused {that i know of} but they did yell many nights. terrifying for a young child. thank you for your visit and comment, karen! ♥

  13. Powerful. Hard. Moments impossible for young ones to process and make sense of — can adults even make sense of these things? But these are words that need to be read, stories the hurried, busy, stressed-out world needs to hear, because only when brought to light, does the darkness lose it’s hold. Wrenching read. Courageous heart. Thank you.

  14. rmp

    sad, very sad. so beautifully written.

  15. This is sad when it happens and children don’t know the reasons ~ I don’t mind the quarrels between two adults as its part of the relationship,but no violence for me, I will not condone it ~

    • nor should anyone ever condone it! as you say, quarrels are part of any relationship but beyond that is unacceptable. thank you for stopping by, Grace! ♥

  16. How frightening this would be for a child, Dani. I truly can understand fearing going to sleep if one often encountered something like this on the other side of the wall. And a child feels so powerless, and there is no one he/she probably can talk about it with….thus a sense of isolation as well. Well expressed.

  17. Powerful, poignant and profound. Well done.

  18. What a sad truth that so many people have to face everyday. well written.

  19. This is a hear breaking story in a beautifully written poem. Nicely done!

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