ʚ∙∙∙∙ a world apart ∙∙∙∙ɞ



why must we be a world apart?

how cruel the reality of  our existence
that tore you from my embrace!
cannot life be kind this once?

time betrays us,  too
each minute stretching into days
whilst we endure our forced separation

what Gods determined that this should be so
what terrible deed did we commit to offend them
or could it simply be that they are jealous of  our love?

no matter how long it takes
i will be waiting for the moment
when once again i shall be in your arms

i am forever yours,  my Love

∙∙ ♡ ∙∙



“La Vie en Rose”    Louis Armstrong



artwork ~  “Encounter”  Christian Rohlfs
{ public domain }



this is my submission to ~


Poetics: It’s About Time   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub
prompt:  Write a poem about time

thank you,  Mary!


Prompt #341  at  Sunday Scribblings
prompt:    A World Apart

thank you,  Megg!


Prompt  243   at   One Single Impression
prompt:   Kind

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Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 197   at   Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides
prompt:    Imagine a question (or think of a question you’ve been asked recently) and use your poem to answer that question.

Thank you,  Robert!



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30 responses to “ʚ∙∙∙∙ a world apart ∙∙∙∙ɞ

  1. This is beautiful! I also love your blog. The flower is awesome!

    • thank you so much, Charles! my daughter has one hibiscus bush and i’ve gotten photographs of three different colors. it’s fun to change them out once in awhile. i really appreciate your visit and kind comment!

  2. pinkladybing

    this made me smile… star-crossed soul mates… i particularly love these lines (as i have whispered them so many times)-

    “no matter how long it takes
    i will be waiting for the moment
    when once again i shall be in your arms

    i am forever yours, my Love”

  3. felt dani…put me right back in the time i spent working apart from my family…it was a dreadful 9 months…so desperate at moments, painful at best….beautiful capture of those thoughts…

  4. Dani, time apart from the one that one loves is hard….the minutes, the hours, etc. But at least there is always hope of reunion!

  5. Your words resonate with me…I know the pains of separation ~

  6. Time is cruel. We are ripped apart from those we love. But I can say I have never felt as attached as this poem seems to imply. Curious how that would feel.

  7. ah…being separated from the one you love is so hard…a felt write dani..

  8. your steadfastness is admirable, but waiting is excruciating…

  9. a very real expression of loss and yearning and desire

  10. No matter how far apart ~ two Souls always know ♥

  11. Very lovely poem of longing. But how wonderful to have a love one misses that much!

  12. Awful when even time conspires to keep soul mates apart. Beautiful poetic plea.

  13. I so love this !
    beautiful !
    love your blog always <3

  14. Love the poem but now La Vie en Rose is playing “earworms” with me. :0)

  15. I read a scene in a book years ago where the character imagined themselves as a sundial standing with arms outspread in the middle of a meadow. This poem brought that image back to me. Thank you.

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