∙э •Э•∙ shadows ∙•Є• є∙



i am weary
of  living

in the shadows
cast by my fears

flooded with indecision
brimming with regrets

self-imposed confinement
to that time between
what will be
and what has been

am i never to be set free?
to walk into the light
to succeed or fail
to be alive at last

∙э •ЭЄ• є∙

∙ •ЭЄ• ∙



“Set Me Free”   The Kinks



artwork  ~  “Female Nude with Shadow of  a Twig”   Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
{ public domain }



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59 responses to “∙э •Э•∙ shadows ∙•Є• є∙

  1. Thank you for writing this, I needed to read this. It speaks to me at a time that I needed it. Well written, my friend, well written

  2. This is a perfect poem. It really spoke to me in the ways I have been thinking the past few weeks. I am reading a great book that really talks about fears and makes me look at them in a new light. I seem to have gone down a similar path with my post on Sunday…Freedom. I am weary of living in the shadows cast by my fears…because that is not living, but it is safe. Awesome poem, thanks for sharing.

  3. All good questions, this was quite affecting!

  4. often the biggest shadow we live in is the one we cast on ourselves you know….or attempting to live in the shadow of others…we have the power to break free of it though…within ourselves…

  5. Nice. I like the question here. I hope we all find that we are alive. From what I’ve learned we can only do that in the moment, because the past is gone and the future…who knows.

  6. A strong poem here, Dani! Walking in the light may be blinding at first, but I do think it is, for the long run, the best place to walk!

  7. Strange how we don’t see our own selves as others see us. To me Dani, you are a beacon of light. But, I truly know what you mean here. Life is hard.

  8. Hello Dani, your poems are always so honest with self-examination and self-awareness. You have already set yourself free because you are able to look within and contemplate. Isn’t it wonderful to feel alive? Thank you for sharing xx

  9. So well-expressed. I know exactly what that in-between spot feels like. Hard to enjoy the moment when snagged between what’s to come and what’s passed. Well-done .k.

  10. tomorrows
    flooded with indecision
    brimming with regrets…ugh…such a tough place to be…will take her quite some effort to get out of this..

  11. hedgewitch

    So know what you mean, dani–sometimes we stay in the shadows because the certainties are even more frightening. Haven’t heard that Kinks song in years–thanks for posting it.

    • fear of success… fear of failure… we can become crippled if we don’t just live and go with the flow. {smile} lovin’ The Kinks! thanks for stopping by and commenting, Joy! ♥

  12. Wisdom in your poem and I enjoy Lady Nimue so much!

    • it’s hard to believe i’ve known Nimue for so long! she recently started a second poetry blog, did you see? thank you so much for your visit and comment, Victoria! ♥

  13. I too can relate to that shadowy in between ~ Have a nice day Dani ~

  14. peggygoetz

    I like that you wrote about self-imposed shadows here. I had never thought of things in that way before. I like when poems make me see new things! (even if they are shadows!)

    • i LOVED the prompt! i actually edited this poem {something i’m very bad about not doing} and was much happier with the shorter version. thanks for your visit and comment and the prompt, Peggy! ♥

  15. Dani, I think we all feel like this at different points in life–fear is definitely a shadow creature–a very touching, heartfelt poem.

  16. I remember feeling like that…..yes, one does emerge into the light. You are writing your way there! Lovely. And the painting is really wonderful – is it yours?

    • oh, no! i forgot to include the artist’s name! the painting is by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. thank you so much for your visit and kind comment, Sherry! ♥

  17. a different yet deep expression..

  18. aloha Dani – i like your take on the classic question of being human – and what are we doing here. it’s always good to know we are not alone in this searching . well said. aloha.

  19. Helen

    Dani, this is just immense, overwhelming poetry. The image you shared is one of the most intriguing I’ve ever seen!!!

  20. I know this feeling so well. Fear is paralyzing. THis is nicely written.

  21. I think by asking the question, so elegantly, you are already starting to answer it, for everybody.

  22. pinkladybing

    i can relate to this… what a brilliant piece!

  23. This is very well written… I know the feeling and I can say …. yes, eventually this too shall pass… love the song… a great accompaniment to your work.

  24. What a beautiful, beautiful write!!! Just so very touching!

  25. Man is born free but is ever found in chains… I didn’t realize this also applied to me when I was young… We all desire it, but seldom experience true personal freedom to choose.

  26. Nice art. Nice music. Most of all nice poetry. There is something very frustrating about the middle ground.

  27. Fantastic job on this! Fear certainly can cast a long shadow, can’t it? Stepping into the light can be tough, but we can all get there by baby steps if necessary. Very nice, Dani!

  28. margaretbednar

    Just a wonderful poem, this is. Yes, are we ever to be free of our own doubts, our own insecurities?

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