·!· ʥ ·· fear ·· ʥ ·!·



· ʥ ·

i fear     …i  could  fear…     many things

i  could fear the night’s darkness
and the monsters who lurk there
i could fear the daylight
and the monster within

i  could fear success…  and failure
i could fear so many things
that i wouldn’t really live

but do i have a phobia?

the terror
that quivers through one’s body
then turns a person to stone
unable to flee

that constant dread
of  what lurks around the corner
or the horrors
that inhabit one’s dreams

the fright which
when come upon
freezes one’s heart
makes it impossible to breathe

you know,  that feeling true fear induces
that primal reaction
one gets when confronted

of  course,  i know not of  such things
for nothing makes me panic
i lie here with my eyes closed
letting life and fear pass me by

·!· ʥ ·!·

·· ʥ ··

· ʥ ·


“I’m Not Afraid”  Eminem



image ~  “A woman for Gods”  by Paul Klee
{ public domain }



this is my submission to ~


Poetics:  POETICAPHOBIA   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub
prompt:  Write a poem about a phobia or fear

thank you,  Stuart!



i am also participating in ~









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24 responses to “·!· ʥ ·· fear ·· ʥ ·!·

  1. I think you have the right attitude..I’m glad someone mentioned the possibilities that we are not all afraid all of the time…however, .a lifetime doesn’t go by without everyone experiencing something frightening at one time or another that leaves it’s mark..love the wording in this;)

  2. Hey dani,
    I loved Eminem’s work.
    I see two messages in the poem:
    (1) don’t let fear cripple you
    (2) If you close your eyes and let life pass you by, you will have not fear — but life without a risk of fear is empty.

    I guess you are saying fear is normal, letting it be a phobia is crippling — don’t do it.

    As my post states, <10% of the population has crippling phobias. Those that do either falsely feel they are alone or overgeneralize and assume everyone else does. Both are wrong. But phobias when view less strictly are all around — I never knew so many folks had them.

  3. An interesting poem, Dani. So true:

    “of course, i know not of such things
    for nothing makes me panic
    i lie here with my eyes closed
    letting life and fear pass me by”

    that if a person doesn’t wish to panic he/she can just ignore the world outside oneself……………………..or one can work to try to overcome one’s fears. Thought-provoking.

  4. nice…..fear is often linked to our imagination….and it making whatever we are facing that much bigger you know….closing our eyes and limiting the input, allowing those feelings just to pass, might be the trick for sure…fear is def not a constant…but often what finds me in a moment of weakness….when something is missing or i am tired….

  5. Ha! Your poem is well-put and confident and fun. I think there are spectrums of phobia – for me, anyway – little odd things that one overcomes but still feels.

    When thinking of the prompt I realize I’ve only had a few moments–I can almost count them – in which I was deeply afraid. The real ones kind of stand out for me, but were so awful I didn’t feel like writing about them just yesterday. The bad thing as you age is that most of the things you fear will in fact probably happen! k.

  6. I appreciate the message behind this. Good stuff!

  7. Life is all about taking chances and risks and then not sweating the small stuff. I fear the ice yes, but still walk on it or, we’d never eat all winter… haha.
    Great poem Dani. :)

  8. Sometimes it’s hard to do this, but I’m with ya!

  9. I too am fearful of these things you cited here Dani ~ But hopefully the fear can be our stimulus too – to do better and appreciate our shortcomings and strengths ~ Happy weekend ~

  10. sometimes i wish i were able to just close my eyes and let fear pass me by…i know that freezing feeling well..

  11. poemsofhateandhope

    i like the perspective you bring in this poem. we get scared, we can be scared, but not always…not all the time…even though im sure there people that are….it could be argued that having some fear drives us on through life, but i very much like the thought you present here that that doesn’t have to be the case

    • hopefully, if we face our fears we aren’t afraid anymore ~ at least until the next one comes along. {smile} thank you for the great prompt and for stopping by.

  12. Cool post. Very insightful and really hit the nail on the head. I fear lots of things and the fear holds me back. It keeps me from trying new things.


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