∙ ҩ * ζ * ∙ angel of the morning ∙ * ζ * ҩ ∙



*  ζ  *

she fell asleep that night weeping

only nightmares kept her company

until at morning’s first light

an angel appeared

touched her cheek

and whispered

“you’re doing the right thing”

∙ ҩ *  ζ  * ҩ ∙

∙ ҩ   ζ   ҩ ∙

*  ζ  *


“Angel of  the Morning”   The Pretenders



artwork ~  “Head of  an Angel,  after Rembrandt”   Vincent van Gogh



this is my submission to ~


Theme Thursday 11 October 2012      at     Theme Thursday
prompt:   Angels

thank you,   Mrsupole!



i am also participating in ~









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14 responses to “∙ ҩ * ζ * ∙ angel of the morning ∙ * ζ * ҩ ∙

  1. mrsupole

    Such a wonderful thought to know that Angels are looking after you. And so many women and children do need Angels to watch after them. Always want the little ones to be protected.

    Thanks for such a wonderful Angles Theme Thursday post. Hope your weekend is fantastic.

    God bless.

  2. mrsupole

    PS….I forgot to say that I just adore that song. Always have to sing along.


  3. Dearest Dani…
    STELLAR post Lady!!
    From the pic to the text, Top Notch entertainment.
    Loved your celestial 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

    • thank you, G! {{{sshhh~don’t tell anybody ~ my fifty-five is a different poem i forgot to link in a few weeks back}}} i appreciate you stopping by and i hope you have a great weekend! {smile}

  4. Lucky her. Generally if I have nightmare’s about something, it’s because I’m about to make a really big mistake.

  5. Poignant, Dani. I like the words the angel spoke!

  6. Major wonderful song . . . and wonderful action to grant to the angels in our lives. Touch my cheek, let me know I did the right thing, take away the nightmares of self-doubt. Here in this post, you did right . . . tho it would be even better if the angel came earlier.

    • i’ve been wanting to use the song for quite a while and the painting seemed perfect, too. thank you for your visit and kind comment, Susan! ♥

  7. nice…it is great to have those reassurance…the touches…and reminders that we are doing the right thing…sometimes we need that much…

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