›•‹ what a wonderful world ›•‹

“somewhere over the rainbow”

a dream for many

while in this wonderful world

women suffer


unless you live without electricity,  you’ve probably heard of  the shooting of  Malala Yousafzai  on 9 Oct. 2012.  the Taliban in Pakistan have the proud distinction of  pulling a 14-year-old girl off of  her schoolbus and shooting her in the head because she wanted an education.  she has so far survived.  i cannot fathom the cowardice,  ignorance and evil of  a man capable of  such an act.  {read more about the incident  HERE}

my granddaughter is fourteen.  she is allowed to go to school without fear.  she is  “allowed”  to do many things which girls and women all over the world are denied.  i am heartbroken for each and every female on this planet who suffers abuse of  any kind.  when are we going to demand that it stop?  i don’t think that women can do anything to stop it.  it won’t stop unless men  decide to stop it ~ i don’t have much hope for our “wonderful world.”

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World”   Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole

image via wikipedia.org ~ read more about Malala HERE

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Musical Notes Prompt #10   at   Musical Notes:  poetry prompts
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14 responses to “›•‹ what a wonderful world ›•‹

  1. Men – Humans of all types and kinds must learn to police themselves because there are not enough people in paid or volunteer positions to monitor those who have no shame in undermining free living.

    It is not up to one country or type of people to control every individual person – though many feel that is the case. Until all can respect differences of skin, ability and faith then there will be tears shed in dismay.

    Sometimes all we can to is gather in support and offer our individual hope to help balance the dis-ease of those who are blinded by hate.

    May this news enlighten more to offer hope to strengthen and tip the scales of fairness towards justice and peace.

  2. A very truthful description!

  3. As a former abuse victim, I found, and still find, the most freedom in writing. Most often abuse is an act meant to silence what is feared, misunderstood, or simply contrary to whatever is held as truth. Both men and women are regularly abused. Many do not speak out because they know nothing better, or think it would be useless (as well as destructive) to do so. We do live in a wonderful and beautiful world. Each act of abuse destroys some piece of that beauty and wonder. I write in an effort to keep the balance from tipping the scale to that one of no return.

    Thank you for joining us at Musical Notes. You have made a beautiful message that needs to be heard.


    • i’m sorry i couldn’t come up with a poem more in keeping with the song. i’m usually at least a hopeful person, if not optimist. i’m happy to have found your prompt site! i love writing with music as the inspiration. thank you, Elizabeth! ♥

  4. This story is just shocking and awful! I am so glad you highlighted it with your blog.


  5. Thank you for educating me. My heart goes out to this child.

    • i hope she recovers. i wish she and her family would move someplace safe. it is heartbreaking! thank you for your visit and comment, Sandy. ♥

  6. I am so saddened and sick over this. I pray she recovers. As a world we need to stand up against this kind of attack. I need to search out an organization I recall hearing about on Oprah that works to work for women’s rights around the world. I feel the need to do something. Thanks for writing this as it really reminded me that change starts with me.

  7. ugh like a punch in the gut everytime i read about this…i think it is up to all of us to stand up and do something about it if we want to see it come to an end….

    • i agree that everyone should speak out against it, but the only ones who can really change anything are the men in power… and they like their power too much to rock the boat.

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