∙џ•Ж•∙ Frankenstein’s dilemma ∙•Ж•џ∙



∙ Ж ∙

there once was a mad scientist named Dr. Frankenstein
who thought that his monster was lonely
so a pretty she-monster he set about to make
to become his creation’s one and only

the problem was simple and obvious
the couple had absolutely no chemistry
Frankenstein knew that it was all his fault
he’d made them without any symmetry

the neighborhood witch was a friend
she gave the good doc a love potion
unfortunately for him,  the lovely she-monster
decided  HE  was the object of  her devotion

∙ џ •Ж• џ ∙

∙ џ Ж џ ∙

• Ж •

∙ Ж ∙

“Monster Mash”   Bobby ‘Boris’ Picket



image ~  Bride of  Frankenstein  { public domain }



this is my submission to ~


A Poetic Monster Mash   at    POETRY JAM
prompt:    monsters

thank you,  Mary M!



i am also participating in ~









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20 responses to “∙џ•Ж•∙ Frankenstein’s dilemma ∙•Ж•џ∙

  1. Ha, sometimes things don’t work out as it was hoped that they would!! She-monsters CAN be selective! (Smiles)

  2. hehehehehe!

    I bet she’ll curl his toes!

  3. when you start trying to muck and manipulate nature you get a mess….and love is much the same for sure…smiles…

  4. Hate it when that happens!

  5. Haha… monsters with a personality and good taste… love it :)

    • wasn’t it in “Young Frankenstein” where Dr. Frankenstein’s fiance ends up with the monster? {smile} thanks for dropping by, Bren! ♥

  6. peggygoetz

    Oh yes one must be careful with creating! Clever twist.

  7. Very cute, Dani! That’s why mucking about with love potions can be so risky, ya never know exactly who it might work on. An entertaining take on the prompt for sure!

  8. Helen

    Not a fan of ‘monster’ movies .. with the exception of Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein .. the best ever!! With Marty Feldman and Madeline Kahn ~~ hysterically funny!!

  9. Very fun Dani! Love those twist endings :-)

  10. haha! love the take on this…fun to read.

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