· ᦰ •ᦖ •· who has seen the wind? ·• ᦐ• ᦰ ·

· ᦐ ·

· •ᦐ• ·

who has seen the wind?

we feel it,  do we not?
sometimes a gentle brush across our cheek
sometimes a forceful shove demanding our full attention

we hear it,  do we not?
sometimes a whisper as it rustles the leaves
sometimes a plaintive howl that sends shivers down our spines

we taste it,  do we not?
sometimes the moist welcome hint of  salt from the sea
sometimes the harsh,  acrid bite of  burning forests

we smell it,  do we not?
sometimes the breeze carries the scent of  rain and growing things

sometimes the wind brings us the odors of  death and decay

but who has seen the wind?
neither i nor you can say we have
though we can see the things it claims possession of
when in its rage more powerful does it become
and tears away everything it comes upon

· ᦰ • ᦐ • ᦰ ·

· ᦰ ᦐ ᦰ ·

· ᦐ ·

“Blowin’  in the Wind”   Peter,  Paul  and  Mary

“Blowin’ in the Wind”  is a song written by Bob Dylan in 1962 and released on his album The Freewheelin’  Bob Dylan in 1963.  Although it has been described as a protest song,  it poses a series of rhetorical questions about peace,  war and freedom.  The refrain “The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind”  has been described as “impenetrably ambiguous:  either the answer is so obvious it is right in your face,  or the answer is as intangible as the wind”.

artwork  ~  “Autumn Wind”   Wilhelm Kotarbiński
{ public domain }

this is my submission to ~

Carry On Tuesday # 176   at   Carry on Tuesday
prompt:   the chosen work is a very short poem by Christina Rossetti
Who has seen the wind?
Neither I or you:

{ use all or part }

thank you,  Keith!

i am also participating in ~




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16 responses to “· ᦰ •ᦖ •· who has seen the wind? ·• ᦐ• ᦰ ·

  1. Just lovely! i love that you write about so many different things in your poetry. Do you make lists of possible things to write about, or do they come to you?

    • i often use one or more prompts from other sites or am inspired by a song or painting or photograph or…. well, just about anything can become a poem. {smile} that’s what makes writing so much fun ~ as talented as you are, Winnie, you should try your hand at it. i began on twitter writing haiku/senryu ~ three lines of 5/7/5 syllables. they don’t have to rhyme, which is something i’m not good at. they’d be short enough poems to use on your cards! ♥

  2. So true, we have not seen the wind; but we HAVE seen what wind can do indeed. Well penned, Dani.

  3. Your image, your words, the repetition, and the love for the element that shines through is superb. I love it!

  4. who has seen the wind, but we know it is there….we can tell with all our other senses or see that is has passed but….very lyrical piece dani….i like….

  5. So true, we always see the effects of the wind as it does its ‘thing’ but, we cannot actually see it, itself. I think you skillfully covered all of its aspects Dani. :)

  6. Nice write. I like your questions and responses. it gave this a smoothness that contrasts with your ending stanza. I really like this.

  7. This was thoughtful and lovely!

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