••• Ꮗ • Ꮺ •• le bal masqué •• Ꮺ • Ꮗ ••• { the masquérade ball }

• Ꮺ •

as if  we were at
a grande masquérade ball

we danced around one another
for  weeks on end
wanting to be the  first to reveal our true self

we shed our costumes
showing who we were beneath

last to go
were our masks
one layer at a time
sometimes with relief
sometimes with  fear
oft times with pain
until at last
all that

for surely
cupid’s arrows
were shot straight
through our hearts

bringing us together
after all these years
after all those tears
into each other’s embrace
into one another’s heart

where i
want to stay

to twirl
in a dance
of  lovers

to whirl
to music
only we
two can

or masks
or fear

love and  joy
and  gratitude

• Ꮗ • Ꮺ • Ꮗ •

•Ꮗ• Ꮺ •Ꮗ•

•• Ꮺ ••

• Ꮺ •

“This Masquerade”   Leon Russell

artwork ~  “Cupid at The Masked Ball”   Franz Stuck
{ public domain }

this is my submission to ~

Wonder??? Wednesday #3   at   Poets United
prompt:   Wonderful “Learn to celebrate your SELF! You are outrageously wonder.full and delightfully imperfect, and deserve to be celebrated!”  Begin whatever calls to you-follow that voice.
{ after more than twenty years,  i let down the walls and opened my heart to love ~ that was the bravest and most terrifying thing i’ve ever done. }

thank you,  Ella!


i am also participating in ~



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12 responses to “••• Ꮗ • Ꮺ •• le bal masqué •• Ꮺ • Ꮗ ••• { the masquérade ball }

  1. ah it’s good when those masks go down…not always easy though…think it’s the growing trust that helps us to show who we really are…

  2. smile…this is lovely dani…..the dance until all comes off…even the masks and true initmacy can be found….it takes time & trust…

  3. Kathy

    Wow! This is so honest . . . .and beautiful.

  4. I am very happy for you, Dani. I hear the joy in this poem.

  5. Gorgeous take on this weeks ‘wonder wednesday’ i love the lay-out of this poem. It is a joy to read this.

  6. I love this Dani, the best dance on the planet~ When we find the right partner~
    I too love the lay out of your poem and the embrace of passion. It is the color we all love best :D

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