•Ꮱ•Ꮿ•• hidden woods ••Ꮿ•Ꮱ• { revisted }

the Hidden Woods
exist today

but i’ll not tell you where.

only elves,  faeries
and the pure of  heart

dare to venture there.

the Wind always blows warm from the south.
the Moon drops in
when she’s new.

the Sun comes for tea every third Wednesday,
 but you’ll never find a human there
for none has a heart that is true.



  “Sad Song of  the Woods”   Wyrd

first  posted  15 September 2011
{ rewritten slightly }

i would like to thank    Ainsley Allmark     {  @DolphinDancer  }  for so generously allowing me to use his beautiful   photograph.  please click on any of  the   Dolphin   links in the blogrolls at the bottom of  the page to see more of his stunning photographs and amazing poetry.

this was originally submitted to and inspired by ~

through the eye of a poet   at   POETRY JAM
prompt:   Ainsley Allmark  generously allowed the use of  five of  his stunning photographs as prompts.

i am participating in ~




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6 responses to “•Ꮱ•Ꮿ•• hidden woods ••Ꮿ•Ꮱ• { revisted }

  1. Beautiful poem, Dani. I wonder if any human (apart from kids who haven’t lost the magic) is pure of heart anymore… Really enjoyed this. :)

    • i hope to visit those woods someday ~ though i doubt i could get past the entrance. a friend of mine took the photograph near where he lives in Cornwall. thanks for stopping by, Bren! ♥

  2. moondustwriter

    Hi – moon dropping in to say “Hi”
    lovely Dani
    hope all is well

  3. dani i love this…its rather magical….i love the woods and to think of a hidden place….would hope i would measure up to be able to enter it you know…smiles.

    • that photograph was taken within walking distance of my friend Ainsley’s house in Cornwall, U.K. obviously, not many people go there as some of the vegetation appears to be quite old and undisturbed. i think you would be welcomed in! ♥

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