·⋆· ✪ ·⋆· bubble bubble ·⋆· ✪ ·⋆·

⋆ ✪ ⋆

Bubble bubble,  toil and trouble…   double trouble,  boil and bubble…   what rubbish!  She might as well be chanting  “ohm”!  Maggie { or Magnifique,  as her mother called her }  didn’t buy into the whole “Witchcraft for Dummies”  crap about magic spells and potions.  Less talented witches might need spells and magic wands,  but Maggie knew how to cook and always added her own “secret”  ingredients.

Ever since the Council of  Witches enchanted the spiders to build the inter-webs,  word had gone out around the world about “Maggie’s Potent Potions.”  Rather than getting into a panic about trying to keep up with demand,  Maggie kept her batches small and her prices high.  She could charge an additional 20%  every time one of  her potions won top honors at the annual  “International Witches’  Cooking Contest.”  Maggie had won first place with every elixir she had entered over the past seven years…  all except one…  she just couldn’t perfect a love potion!

You want to put a curse on someone?  No problem!  “Maggie’s Horrific Hex”  was guaranteed to last twelve months ~  secret ingredient:  one drop of  witch’s blood.  Maybe you want to get ahead in your coven?  “Maggie’s JetSet Juice” never failed ~ secret ingredients:  lemon zest and freeze-dried bat wings.  Have an insatiable desire to inflict an enemy with pox?  She added aged balsamic vinegar with eye of  newt.  Need an ointment to get rid of  boils?  Powdered frog legs and a teaspoon of  aloe.

The cooking contest was only 36 hours away and nothing was working!  Maggie knew instinctively that the faerie wings were essential to the potion;  cinnamon and cloves worked better than nutmeg and myrrh.  Ground faerie wings were hard to come by since Maggie only used wings donated from “The Society for the Use of  Dead Faeries’ Wings” which had been set up to discourage pulling wings off  living faeries.

She was sooo  close!  What was missing?  Frustration overtook Maggie.  She was tired and out of  ideas.  Two tears trickled slowly down her cheeks and fell into the cauldron.  Heart-shaped steam began rising as Maggie gasped…  could this be it?  Hands trembling,  she ladled out a small amount of  the potion into a vial and hurried down the road.  “Amy,  here it is!”  Amy looked at her excitedly and held out her hand for the bottle.  Her husband of  eighty years planned on leaving Amy for a much younger woman so he made the perfect guinea pig for the elixir.  Maggie stayed in the kitchen while Amy took Thomas a cup of  tea.  Five minutes later the loving couple walked into the room hand-in-hand.

Maggie didn’t know if  she was feeling more happiness for Amy or relief  that the potion was a success.  There had never been a love potion that worked,  and Maggie had been careful to include an elephant’s hair and a swan’s feather to ensure a long,  monogamous relationship.  She hugged Amy and walked home,  visions of  a winner’s ribbon wandering through her thoughts.

Ev’ry love must have
a tear or two shed at times
so happy moments are treasured

·⋆· ✪ ·⋆·

·⋆  ✪  ⋆·

⋆ ✪ ⋆

“Love Potion No. 9”   The Searchers

my friend hedgewitch reminded me of  this song by including the video in her  stunning post  for this prompt ~

“Season of  the Witch”    Donovan

painting  ~   “Magic Circle”  John William Waterhouse  1886
{ public domain }

photograph  { fair use }

this is my submission to ~

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Fireblossom Friday #11   at  imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:   Do You Believe In Magic

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Theme Thursday 27 September 2012     at     Theme Thursday
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24 responses to “·⋆· ✪ ·⋆· bubble bubble ·⋆· ✪ ·⋆·

  1. haha..witchcraft for dummies made me smile..better keep the hands off..you never know what’s brewing there..

  2. LOL…WOWWW…you really went to sea on this one Dani! Loved it…“Maggie’s Horrific Hex” Made me chuckle…and “Maggie’s Potent Potions” “Witchcraft for dummies”… Haha…..I went ‘yuck; at pulling wings off of fairies….Really clever, lovely tale. Glad it worked. We all need some love. :)

  3. smiles….a fun jaunt dani…ugh on the guinnea pig….and the hubby ready to leave her…i think you speak honestly in the end as well…love can be hell at times, but those moments def let us appreciate the ones that give us breath

    • i didn’t say, but Amy and her husband are witches, too ~ the only way to test the potion was on another witch. since i assume they live to at least 200, an eighty-year marriage is rather a short one. {smile}

  4. A very touching tale, Dani!! Lovely happy ending.

  5. I like the way you combined the “magic” theme with “what’s cooking” – that was really cleverly done.

  6. What a beautiful tale!! Two drops of tears, bravo!!! I love it!
    Mine is here

  7. I totally loved this story, it was full of such creepy and interesting things. And it all seemed real, as if there was a time when everyone was not afraid of witches and did not burn them at the stake. UGH!!

    Just a fun delightful story of what’s cooking and to show that sometimes even witches can be surprised with the most common things.

    Thanks ever so much for sharing the brewing story with this weeks Theme Thursday. A most enjoyable tale. And the faeries loved it too, at least they whispered that into my ear.

    God bless

  8. I so loved this story – and am very relieved there was a society for prevention of cruelty to fairies…….

    • the only good thing about the power of ground faerie wings is that it only takes a grain or two per potion, so unless the witch is greedy there really is no need for more than the Society has available. {smile} we can’t have live faeries hurt, for goodness sake! thanks for stopping by, Sherry! ♥

  9. hedgewitch

    This is quite the concoction, dani! I think both tunes go well with it. I am still laughing over “The Society for the Use of Dead Faeries’ Wings”

  10. Sista Poet, you’re da bomb. Loved it!

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