◦》 ☼ 《◦ battle scars ◦》 ☼ 《◦

◦ ☼ ◦

battle scars
cut deep in
-to your spirit

by others
or self-

the sun…   your

solar plex-
just a memory

denim blues
and blood-red

rover red rover
send someone
right o-

ver…  it’ll never
be over
until i say

simon says
simone says
until “I” say

so sad

battle scars
cut deep in
-to my spirit

   the sun…

◦》 ☼ 《◦

◦ ☼ ◦

if  you don’t like rap,  please give this song a chance ~ the singing by Guy Sebastian is phenomenal

“Battle Scars”   Guy Sebastian and Lupe Fiasco

artwork  ~  “Pollard Willows and Setting Sun”    Vincent van Gogh  1888
{public domain}

this is my submission to ~

Prompt #125    at    We Write Poems
prompt:   write in a stream of consciousness

thank you,  Neil!

i am also participating in ~




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10 responses to “◦》 ☼ 《◦ battle scars ◦》 ☼ 《◦

  1. ahhh…good to start this with a van gogh painting…

    i much like your use of line breaks and wordplay here..
    solar plex-

    denim blues
    ..very cool dani

  2. What a stream of consciousness, I really enjoyed this poem, Dani! *hugs*

  3. I love the way you put this together. Very effective!

  4. smiles…some really fun play….red rover…have not played that in a while….not a poor imitation as well…i love your work dani…you have had some amazing stuff here recently too…just the other day with the blended song….very cool…

  5. Some battle scars do not fade! Your poem makes that point well!

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