war and peace ☮

big man in power
wanted to prove to the world
he could do the job
that his daddy couldn’t
created chaos and didn’t care


brave men and women
willing to fight for their country
and for the freedom of  strangers
the ultimate sacrifice
taking them from their families


small countries
full of  rocks and sand and oil
invaded by  “civilized”  nations
everyone wanting control of  the oil
no one providing water or electricity


four generations of  a family
crowded together on mattresses on the floor
holding one another close
searching for some security
as the bombs burst around them


small countries
with diamonds to be mined
torn apart in civil wars
corporations and corruption
lining the pockets of  too fat cats


torn away from their families
when they should be playing with toys
rifles thrusts in their hands
forced to kill or be killed


walls built through the middle of  a city
demilitarized zone through the middle of  a country
walls and bombs and barriers holding an entire people in
a wall seen from space once thought to keep everyone else out
red states and blue states tearing a nation apart

• ☮ •

“War”   Edwin Starr

rise up and raise your voices, too


demand safe haven for every man,  woman and child on Earth


join together against the warmongers


 BE   subversive…     challenge the morality of  war


stop the killing before there’s no one left to save

life should be filled

with halcyon days


• ☮ •

“Give Peace A Chance”   John Lennon & Yoko Ono

this is my submission to ~

Art’s gonna art    at    POETRY JAM
prompt:      art’s gonna art
{ i wrote a morally subversive poem ~ advocating rebellion }

Carry On Tuesday #174     at     Carry on Tuesday
prompt:   a line from the novel ‘The Smoke Jumper’  by Nicholas Evans ~
Life isn’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you handle what happens.
{ use all or part }

thank you,  Keith!

Prompt 239    at    One Single Impression
prompt:   Halcyon
definition of  Halcyon ~
a :  calm,  peaceful
b happy, golden

thank you,  Geraldine!

Open Link Monday    at   imaginary garden with real toads
submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Kerry!

OpenLinkNight     at     dVerse ~ Poets Pub
submit a new or old poem

thank you!

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36 responses to “war and peace ☮

  1. Fantastic rallying cry. I can see those families huddled in the rubble. Wonderful inspiring post: Give Peace a Chance. Dani, do you know about Mimi Lennox at Mimi Writes (http://mimiwrites.blogspot.ca/) ? She is readying for her annual early November blogblast for peace – you might want to check it out………

  2. Amen. Love the visual aspect of this, too.

  3. Hi Dani: I stay away from commenting on political things in the blogosphere…thus I will not comment on the content. I can see you spent a lot of time writing and arranging this though.

    • i don’t blame you, Mary! i am against war, but quite often my poetry about religion, for instance, has little or nothing to do with my personal views. thank you for your visit and your support! ♥

  4. heck yeah! love the strength in your voice..the imagery you add to the lyrics in between oy….it’s heartrending the pain that war brings and yet it is or seems to be the only way we know to be…and if the reps get control you can bet that will be their plan to save the economy….ugh…

  5. powerful images and I can so relate to them….as a race we seem to be incapable of learning from history….enjoyed the visuals too very much…thanks..

  6. I understand all of this and it would be so wonderful if it could happen. We as a species are way too full of EGO and self importance and the love of money though to make it happen. When we stop worshiping money and the money men stop making more of it from war and selling weapons to all buyers, when we stop wanting oil at any expense and start using other means of transportation, maybe we will change, but, man has to have a huge wake up global catastrophe occur before we will have a new mind set (I think) How sad we as a species have become when we had and still do have such great potential.
    Fabulous post Dani. Loved how you got the song lyrics in there too.

    • sadly, i feel you are all too right, Bren! it actually hurt to realize that songs from during the Vietnam war are just as appropriate today. thanks for your insightful comment. ♥

  7. war is terrible and i so wish we could find a way to live in peace..

  8. The message here is loud, clear, strong and resonates with me. I love the songs and your words go straight to my heart as I pray for peace. Today (hopefully all days) I will try to be that peace. Thank you.

  9. Dani! This is brilliant!! I mean, absolutely brilliant. The weaving of your words with the song lyrics, everything flowed, everything tied together–goosebumps! Where’s my megaphone? :-)

  10. I choose peace …. There are no winners in war… Powerful images, nice write.

  11. Helen

    This is a rage … and I love it!!!

  12. Well Done Dani! I so agree…makes me ill~ I enjoyed the power of your words and the view~

    • thank you, Ella! ♥ i hope you know {i hope i said it clearly} that it is not the brave men and women in uniform {and their families} who i blame for wars. the fact that they are willing to fight for others makes them stronger and braver than most.

  13. peggygoetz

    Hi Dani, This is a very creative response to your prompt! I like all the different visual things you included here. A bit of art of art sake as well as being a poem with a message. I agree with the message by the way.

  14. Certainly agree with your values. Wonderful post.

    What a stunning blog. Well done.

  15. Excellent piece, beautifully worked out. Very impressive. Question: can it be said to be morally subversive if it is on the side of the angels? Bravo!

  16. A passionate call to arms (or to disarm.) I don’t hold out a whole lot of hope that peace may be achieved any time soon, seems to be an intrinsic part of human nature to squabble amongst ourselves. A wonderfully subversive poem, Dani!

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