∙ ȶ ș ∙ ∙•Ș•∙ beautiful solitude ∙ •Ș•∙ ∙ ș ȶ ∙



∙ Ș ∙

beautiful  solitude,  come

wrap yourself around me

softly,  caress my skin,  offer

some protection from life’s pains

come,  my friend…      fill me with

a peace nothing else provides

i  welcome you this night

close my eyes to sleep

just for a little while…

until the morrow when

i am forced back out

into the world again

leaving you behind

∙ ȶ  ș•Ș•ș  ȶ ∙

∙ ș •Ș• ș ∙

∙ ș Ș ș ∙

∙ Ș ∙

“(In My) Solitude”   Billie Holiday
“(In My) Solitude” is a 1934 jazz standard, composed by Duke Ellington, with lyrics by Eddie DeLange and Irving Mills.



artwork ~   “Sorrow”   Vincent van Gogh
inscription at bottom is a quote from  “La Femme”  by Jules Michelet  ~
[The worst fate for a woman is to live alone. Alone! Just to pronounce the word is sad.]
“And how on earth does it happen that a woman is alone?”

{my personal feeling is that it is no sadder for a woman to be alone than a man and,  though sharing life with someone can enrich it,  there are also benefits to being alone,  at least some of  the time.}



this is my submission to ~


Meeting the Bar:  Beautiful Solitude   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub
prompt:    Beautiful solitude

thank you,  Claudia!


Prompt #173   at   Carry on Tuesday
prompt:   the first line of a poem by Charlotte Bronte’s little sister,  Emily Jane ~
“A little while,   a little while”

thank you,  Keith!



i am also participating in ~









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12 responses to “∙ ȶ ș ∙ ∙•Ș•∙ beautiful solitude ∙ •Ș•∙ ∙ ș ȶ ∙

  1. it is hard to find that same kind of peace out in the world for sure…so much vying for our attentions and such a frantic pace as well….hope you are doing well dani! smiles.

  2. nice on inviting and welcoming solitude like a good friend.. a song sung…

  3. Yes, solitude can indeed be wonderful company through those long evenings. A nice write, Dani.

  4. nephiriel

    at the end of the day, we always have this friend to count on. nice poem.

  5. Dani: I have been following and reading, and this one is my favorite so far as it spoke to personally. I think for myself that solitude is necessary for me sometimes to regroup and center myself when the world is beating down on me. I remember when I lost my hubby resting and finding peace in my sleep. I am finding now that there is all this distraction and endless noise EVERYWHERE even on my commute with cell phones and loud people, that I yearn for solitude. Awesome job, Dani.

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