•rant rave re-bel… revolt reject • run riot …run, Spot, run…

so this morning at breakfast
i decided
to give myself  a good talking to
then i  let it go in one ear and out the other…    or another…    oh,  bother…    oh,  brother…
oh,  fuck it!
“fuck a duck!”
just fuck it!

i decided
i want to rant and rave
scream and yell
punch and kick and bite
i want to throw things across the room
and  throw  tantrums  morning,  noon  and  night

i  want  to  burst  through  this  bottleneck  of  emotions
to  get  to  the  heart  of  the  problem
~  my  heart  ~
did  you  know  a  pig’s  heart  valve  will  work  in  a  human  heart ?
oink!    oink!    oink!

i  hope  they  don’t  waste  the  pork  chops  and  bacon
oh,  and  the  ham
but  don’t  give  me  any  bacon  jam

i want

i need

i feel

i think

• • •

i’ve had fucking enough!

stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop!
don’t!  don’t!  don’t!  don’t!  don’t!  don’t!  don’t!  don’t!  don’t!

stop don’t stop don’tstop dontstop dontstopdontstopdontstop

{{ pout }}


now   now   now

i want it  A L L
i want noNE of  it

i’ll have NOne of  it

i'll have what she's having

i give in

give up

give over

give to you

take   take   take
fake   fake   fake


leave.   me.   alone.

promise me you’ll never leave me…
the echo of  my love will stay with you forever…   even  if   after  you leave
LOVE ME   FOREVER…    forever…    for ever
just don’t love  ’em and leave  ’em
don’t  just love  ’em and leave  ’em

how can you stand it?
how can you not?
you say tomato and i say tomato….



crazy as the Mad Hatter

crazy as a fox

crazy over you

just because you’re crazy doesn’t mean they aren’t following you.
what?  you say that should be paranoid?   well,  yah ~  that, too.

rant  rave  re-bel
revolt  reject  •  run riot
…run,  Spot,  run…
…run,  Forrest,  run…
life is like a box of  chocolates,  my ass!  life’s a bitch and then you die.

deal with it.







i discovered this music video in a post at Joseph Harker’s blog ~
‘naming constellations’

“Lammicken”   Braids

artwork ~  “Breakfast”  Fernand Leger   1921
via  Magpie Tales

this is my submission to ~

A Word with Laurie    at   imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:    Bottleneck

thank you,  Laurie!

Prompt #336  at  Sunday Scribblings
prompt:    Revolution

thank you,  Megg!

Prompt 237    at   One Single Impression
prompt:   Echo

thank you,  Gabrielle!

Mag  134  at   THe MaG
prompt:   image above ~  “Breakfast” Fernand Leger 1921

thank you,  willow!

Theme Thursday 13 September 2012     at     Theme Thursday
prompt:   Conversations
{ a conversation with myself }

thank you,   Mrsupole!

Prompt #123    at   We Write Poems
prompt:  Poem leftovers
{ i had a poem started to go with the image from Magpie Tales and another for the prompt  ‘revolution’  from  Sunday Scribblings;  i put them together and added lines using the other prompts listed here}

thank you!

i am also participating in ~




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34 responses to “•rant rave re-bel… revolt reject • run riot …run, Spot, run…

  1. Wow that was defnitely a ride. A wild conversational ride. I felt like I was going up and down and all around at times and it felt so good.

    And so how do I know which one was tomato and that the other one was tomato. Was the first one a tomato or was the first one a tomato, geez they keep going back and forth in my head. I am having a tomato and tomato conversation in my brain and I can’t turn it off. Ay, now I am thinking do I want tomato soup or tomato soup and what is the freaking difference.

    At least a BLT can be either one and it doesn’t matter, well at least I think it doesn’t.

    Thanks so much for the ride and maybe in a few days I will get off of it because this conversation is fun and my head is spinning thinking about how this was a great addition to this weeks Theme Thursday.

    God bless.

    • thank you for your delightful comment ~ i read it as “i say toe-may-toe” and “you say to-mawt-oh” ~ does that help any? {smile} i hadn’t done one of these kinds of poems in a while ~ i’m not really sure what kind of poem it is, but it was fun to do. ♥

      • Hi dani,

        Yes, I read it the same way, but then I started thinking why do we always put toe-may-toe first and what if I read it the other way and said to-maw-toh first. Then I kept switching them and I started thinking about the car commercial who does a take on this but with potato instead of tomato. And then I started to remember back to some old movies which have songs about this and so on and so on it went. Not sure if that counts as a rant and rave but it definitely was a tomato conversation. It was a lot of fun too and so I have had to reread your post again. It is just an enjoyable ride.

        God bless.

  2. Yikes, my goodness, Dani, that WAS quite a rant!! Hope you feel better after getting these thoughts written out.

    • i have so much fun putting together these kind of poems, i always feel better when i’m done. i think i need to do them more often. {smile} thank you so much for your visit and comment, Mary. ♥

  3. Dani, you know something….I often come here to read…..and it is like a wild walk out in the enchanting woods….and most often I walk away with that mood…..this time I noticed I never commented here……the magic you create here has done this….smiles….great write….

  4. Lots of emotions running through this, Dani… had to laugh at the pig part. Thanks so much for taking part in the prompt.

    • i tried to get the word ‘bottleneck’ into the right shape but there weren’t enough letters. {smile} i feel i succeeded if i made you laugh {though it really is true that pig heart valves will work in humans.} thanks for coming by, Laurie. ♥

  5. Wow, wow, wow!!!!! I love it, especially “then i let it go in one ear and out the other… or another… oh, bother… oh, brother” which let me in on the tone right away and readied me for the rising voice in the moments that follow. Multiple postings make sense on this one, which speaks for so many of us just before hard decision points in our lives.

    • i’m happy you could relate ~ it’s more disconnected than i usually do, but that felt right. at least for how MY brain works! {smile} i appreciate your visit and comment, Susan! ♥

  6. WOW! Rant and rave for sure. The fonts, colors, form and text effectively communicate your emotion!

  7. what a great response to the pic…you capture the abstraction so well in what you write and how you place it on the page

  8. Hey dani ♥ this is a beautiful, well crafted and wonderfully written example of “poeme concrete” [said in the French way with all the correct accents too]
    Thank you for sharing it with us ♥

  9. Well I think you have about covered it….hee hee. Enjoyed it……..love the changing font sizes……..

  10. peggygoetz

    Wow quite a lot of emotion bottled up there! And the varied forms in your poem rant gave it an active feeling. HOpe it helped.

  11. Ella

    Wow Dani

    I could relate to this journey… I m still on it

    A coaster of crazy, military madness who is neat against a rambling tumbleweed creative type who wants to heal and paint the world verdigris green ;)
    I love your coaster, your words so many courageous turns in this one, love your brave voice

  12. Dani!!! Love the inner scream…hehe I mean stream…truly!! The variation in size, repetition, color and content is visually and mentally pleasing. Well written bottle-necked poem/rant! :)

  13. What you have said I am sure so many of us were itching to say ourselves. You were our surrogate moan for the day and thank you for that.

  14. holy cow dani…that was a riot…it went here there and just about everytwhere….what a fun rip to read….this is one i would love to hear performed as well…some great quick rhyme…

  15. margaretbednar

    Yes, quite the wild ride here tonight. (I will always love the line ” I’ll have what she’s having”)

  16. That was a wild ride and I’ve certainly had days like that.

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