••Ꮬ• Ꮫ •Ꮬ•• i long for your touch { revisiting 2010 }


• Ꮬ •

i long  for your touch

up and down my spine



i can’t reach to scratch

•Ꮬ• Ꮫ •Ꮬ•

• Ꮬ •


“Unchained Melody”  Righteous Brothers

originally posted  16 February 2010
as  ” i long for his touch “

artwork  ~  “Nude Woman Reclining,  Seen from the Back”  1887
Vincent van Gogh
{ public domain }

this is my submission to ~

OpenLinkNight – Week 61   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub
submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Brian!

i am also participating in  ~




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32 responses to “••Ꮬ• Ꮫ •Ꮬ•• i long for your touch { revisiting 2010 }

  1. Blushing here! (Smiles)

  2. meow….


    all about that kinda touch.

  3. Giggling at your comments.. I would like any kind of scratching…as long as it was gentle.. and not skin raking …haha…very sexy Myz Dani

  4. how sensual….and i like that song ~

  5. moondustwriter

    Beauty in both words and the image (thought it was Gauguin)
    I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award
    Please come to my blog to receive the award
    please do not feel obligated to pass this award on – this is a thank you to you

    • thank you sooooo much, Leslie! ♥ i truly am honored that you would include me but after dealing with an online stalker, i no longer participate in “revealing” too much on my blog. {beyond what i can’t help but reveal in my poetry itself. *smile*} the painting does look more like Gauguin, doesn’t it? i hope all iw well in your world, sweetheart. it’s always wonderful to see you.

    • i give in! {giggle} when i originally wrote this {as a haiku} i really did mean it to be humorous { literally scratching someplace she couldn’t reach } but pairing it with this painting, even i read it as sensual now. {smile} thank you for stopping by, Laurie! ♥

  6. Yes, I’m afraid my mind went to certain places too. Hard not to, given the painting, hee hee.

  7. Love it Dani! Very descriptive using minimal words. Love the painting..

  8. One of my all time favorite paintings and songs…and apt poem.

  9. flying away, free to be me…think we all need this…

  10. Dani, this started out so steamy and ended up practical. I was howling, you tickled my funny bone with this poem. Great stuff! Amy

  11. Simplicity that manages to elicit such a wide range of responses, from sensuality to humor!

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