∙ɲ •Ω• ɳ∙ turn! turn! turn!

• Ω •

i always thought of  Time as my Friend
forgiving of  my vanity and
procrastinating nature ever
willing to provide me with another
opportunity and another


Spring rushed by in a blur
bright,  shiny,  new…   barely
time to register each wondrous
discovery before the
next bright,  shiny,  new…


Summer’s sultry disposition fit
perfectly with my imperfect
personality…   temptations  never
denied as my appetite for tasting all
life had to offer compelled me


Autumn was deceptive in
its seeming over-abundance when
in reality much that was sown was now
reaped whether i  desired or rued the
consequences of  my youthful choices


Winter is now upon me or so
i’m told by those who still
enjoy the lush fruits of  Summer but
in my own mind and heart ’tis
not true!  i feel no older than they do


Time is now my Enemy with
no compassion or enmity for it
cares not about me personally as i
matter not in the greater scope
of  things     …except to me
…except to me

∙ɲ • Ω • ɳ∙

ɲ •Ω• ɳ



“Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a Season)”  The Byrds  1965

more versions of  this song,  with lyrics and notes about its origins at the bottom of  this post



artwork ~  “Summer Night”   Albert Bloch  1913
via  Magpie Tales   THe MaG 133



this is my submission to ~


Personal Challenge    at    POETRY JAM
prompt:   “Write not about something in the environment around you or in your circumstances like lack of money or a parent who mistreated you,  but about something about yourself that you have struggled with.  You might talk about what this struggle feels like,  where it has taken you,  how you have overcome it or how you still face it every day.”

{ in reality  i believe (hope) that i am in the autumn of  my life,  but it is a time of  regretting feckless decisions and opportunities not taken;  a time of  realizing that what remains of  my life is much less than what has passed;  a time of  facing my own mortality as inevitable.  i wish that i could say i am living life to its fullest for whatever time remains,  but that’s just not true…   maybe there will still be enough time… }

thank you,  Peggy!


Poetics: Autumn Chill is in the Air   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub
prompt:    Write about Autumn

thank you,  Mary!


Think Tank Thursday #113      at     Poets United
prompt:    Write about Autumn

thank you,  Ella!


Prompt #172   at   Carry on Tuesday
prompt:  use all or part of  the opening of  one of  Aristotle’s quotes ~
What is a friend?

thank you,  Keith!


Theme Thursday 6 September 2012     at     Theme Thursday
prompt:   Temptation

thank you,   Mrsupole!


Open Link Monday    at   imaginary garden with real toads
submit a new or old poem

thank you!


Mag  133  at   THe MaG
prompt:   image above ~ “Summer Night”   Albert Bloch  1913

thank you,  willow!



i am also participating in ~






“Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a Season)”   Johnny Cash and Judy Collins


“Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a Season)”   Nina Simone


“Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a Season)”  The Byrds  1965

written by ~  Pete Seeger  1959
taken from the bible  { Ecclesiastes 3:1 }
except for Seeger’s addition of  the phrase
‘Turn! Turn! Turn!’ and the last line
‘I swear it’s not too late’

lyrics ~

To Everything (Turn! Turn! Turn!)
there is a season (Turn! Turn! Turn!)
And a time to every purpose,
under Heaven
A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep

To Everything (Turn! Turn! Turn!)
There is a season (Turn! Turn! Turn!)
And a time to every purpose,
under Heaven
A time to build up,a time to
break down
A time to dance, a time to mourn
A time to cast away stones, a time to
gather stones together

To Everything (Turn! Turn! Turn!)
There is a season (Turn! Turn! Turn!)
And a time to every purpose,
under Heaven
A time of love, a time of hate
A time of war, a time of peace
A time you may embrace
A time to refrain from embracing

To Everything (Turn! Turn! Turn!)
There is a season (Turn! Turn! Turn!)
And a time to every purpose,
under Heaven
A time to gain, a time to lose
A time to rend, a time to sew
A time for love, a time for hate
A time for peace

I swear it’s not too late





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38 responses to “∙ɲ •Ω• ɳ∙ turn! turn! turn!

  1. What a great post, my Sista Poet! My favorite part is that you don’t feel any different than they do. I think this is so true, for many people. Bodies change and have their troubles with time, but my favorite friends all have a youthful self alive and well just under the skin. And as for you and I…,.well, when we turn thirty, maybe we’ll understand the oldsters, then! ;-)

  2. oy, time turns on us doesnt it..i like to think though that each season gives us something to appreciate…the sewing and reaping our youthful choices….i hear you there…i think i am in or entering fall..smiles.

  3. Indeed the seasons do continue to turn, Dani. I think you characterized each of them too. Yes, I think spring goes by in a blur for most of us…it is a season when we all think we will live forever. And then there is the beauty of rich-colored autumn, when we reap the things from other seasons of life. You sound pretty down-hearted about the seasons, Dani. You ARE in autumn, my friend, and you will be there a long, long time. You will have time. I send you love and strength.

    • thank you, Mary! ♥♥♥ your words help. i’ll snap out of this depression when i get reconnected securely to the world. this hit and miss lately has made me realize how much i value my online friends!

  4. It’s odd how as kids we see time as endless. A week seems like a year, a day seems to go on forever. Yet, the older we are we begin to realise we are not immortal and one day our time will end. I think when we feel how much time races by we maybe wish it would slow down.
    Very deep and thought provoking write Dani.

    • i don’t feel old until i look at my daughter ~ i told her she can’t get any older until i say so! {smile} thanks for your kind comment, Bren. ♥

  5. I like the seasonal faces, each one distinct ~ I never thought of autumn in this way, to reap the fruits or consequences ~ i think I am always planting bulbs even in autumn ~ Happy day to you Dani ~

  6. Time definitely can be our enemy or it can be our friend, especially if we get more of it. One can never know their time and as one of my grandsons pointed out to me the other day, when your time is up Grandma then your time is up. Such a little wise ass he was being. I really like what you wrote and it is a wonderful poem that says so much.

    Thank you for sharing this with our Temptation Theme Thursday. It was really nice.

    God bless.

  7. I enjoyed reading your poetry and thoughts here. I loved how you used season’s to represent life.

  8. I enjoyed the way you hurtle us through the seasons to give us that sense of tempus fugit!

  9. intriguing walk through the season and the roll time plays in it…from friend to enemy…the ticking clock…think we all feel it..

  10. peggygoetz

    Ah yes we do have to come to terms with the reality of time passing and that we cannot turn back. But all the time we have is still before us–we just know we cannot waste it! Thanks for participating with the prompt!

  11. Powerful statement, we continue as time is infinite. Love the blending work.

  12. Great take on the prompt! I love the personification here.

  13. Hello.
    I was just telling my wife last night how this year has flown by. Time waits for no man, so better to enjoy each and every day as if it is your last. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing.
    BTW, I love the flower background too…pink is right up there with some of my favorite colors

    This Plunderous World

    • thank you for your kind comment both about the poem and my blog, Andy. i will be changing from the “spring & summer pink” to a darker shade soon for autumn. {smile}

  14. Wonderful, Dani! I also find myself fighting the reality of being in my autumn (or at least seeing the beginning stages of it.) Of course, as long as our feet still hit the floor each morning, we have time to live out our dreams. Well done!

  15. I love the idea of using the seasons to follow the thread of your theme. This is an interesting interpretation of the artwork. Lovely poetry.

  16. My goodness! I needed all the music to accompany on my search to the comment blank–seriously, this poem moved me. I like this: “in my own mind and heart ’tis
    not true! i feel no older than they do” which for me is the crux of the poem, tho, as you say, time marches anyway. I enjoyed my visit here and I tell you in return not to lose sight of the one it truly matters to–you. I miss those who passed before me, but I carry them in my heart and I carry them as young as I ever knew them to be! (Now I don’t want to leave. I haven’t gotten to Nina Simone yet.)

    • sorry about so much music ~ i usually only include one video… okay, sometimes two… but i just couldn’t narrow the choice down to one. {smile} thank you for your visit and kind comment, Susan. ♥

  17. Wow Dani…I love how you compared life to the seasons~ I love this poem and the song~ So glad you joined in! Sorry, I am late to read it…but I loved it~

  18. But age brings its own kind of wisdom…

    • one hopes so! then there are those {not you or me, of course} whose immaturity seems to last their lifetimes. {smile} ♥ thanks for dropping by, Pen.

  19. Helen

    Dani, I am in the winter of my life … happy to sing ‘it was a very good year’ each and every new year’s eve! I enjoyed this look at aging – seasonally speaking!!

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