time { revisiting 2010 }


m e a n s








to  a


ộ  Ố  ộ

ộ Ố ộ

“Happy Together”    The Turtles

Happy Together” is a 1967 song from The Turtles’ album of the same name. Released in February 1967, the song knocked The Beatles’ “Penny Lane” out of the #1 slot for three weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. It was the group’s only chart-topper. “Happy Together” reached #12 on the UK Singles Chart in April 1967. The song was written by Garry Bonner and Alan Gordon, former members of a band known as The Magicians.

originally posted  4 December 2010

artwork ~  “Cupid and the Turtles”   Giovanni Battista Piranesi
{ public domain }

i am participating in ~


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2 responses to “time { revisiting 2010 }

  1. I hadn’t ever known who wrote that song. It’s a good song. I think about STWIASD when i hear it! “Imagine me and you…I do! I think about ya day and night, it’s only right” Oh yeah. *sigh*

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