my apologies

i apologize to everyone who has been kind enough to leave a comment on my blog ~ i’m afraid i ran into major computer problems Friday and now have to initiate a full system recovery which may result in my being away Saturday as well.  please know that i will reply to your comments and visit your blogs as soon as i am able.  there are posts which were already scheduled for Saturday and Sunday and will post automatically, but i don’t know when i will actually have the computer sorted enough to be back live at the blog.

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!




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6 responses to “my apologies

  1. Good luck, sis. Hurry back!

  2. That sounds like a nightmare!

    • wouldn’t you know that my cell phone died next! new laptop and new phone! trying to focus on excitement of the new instead of drain on the finances. {smile}

  3. Dani, what a bummer! Computer issues are so disheartening and time-consuming and nerve-wracking to deal with. I hope you have good luck with your full system recovery.

    • it didn’t work, but i did get a new laptop which i promptly broke. {smile} i will read the manual before touching anything new. i will read the manual….

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