•☯• dream catcher •☯•

The sickly sweet aroma of  summer’s fruits gone over-ripe sent me wandering back…  reminding me of  a fervid summer day that was the last time I could claim my life as my own.

It was the final year of  The Thirty Year Drought.  Of  course,  no one knew then that the rains would return in a matter of  weeks.  The crops weren’t worth harvesting and the hard,  shriveled fruits were left to rot on the vines.  The heavy perfume of  the grotesque vegetation was so thick I could see it ~ a blue haze that insinuated itself  into the dust that was everywhere.

Both my parents took the day work they could find in town,  insisting that I stay on the farm to protect what little of  value was left.  Though only fifteen,  I’d gotten damn good with the old pump-action shotgun.  Stupid fucking men thinking I was just a piece of  ass they could enjoy before they stripped our place clean of  whatever they could eat,  drink or carry off.  None of  the neighbors cared how we kept our pigs fed as long as we shared the meat whenever we slaughtered one.

I hoped that helping others to survive would spare me from eternal damnation but,  with every life I took,  I felt my future dying as the Earth died all around me.  I spent my days sitting on the front porch waiting for the marauders,  shotgun hidden in the folds of  my skirt,  decorating grapevine hoops with felt from our one remaining sheep,  as well as found feathers and pretty stones.  I hung them all along the porch eaves.

I’d taken to watching a spider spinning its webs inside the hoops,  one after another.  By the time the spider had wound the last thread,  it no longer seemed strange to me that he had started at one end and moved,  hoop by hoop,  to the opposite end of  the porch.  I wasn’t at all surprised when the wise-looking spider spoke to me.

“I  have brought you an opportunity to help Humankind and the Earth”  he whispered,  “if  you have the courage to devote yourself  to their needs.”  “What would I have to do?”  I asked hesitantly.

“Between the two of  us,  we have created dream catchers which hold the destiny of  the future within them.  They will only work if  the People believe in the Great Spirit and in the power of  the dream catchers.  You must go to each Human and speak to them when they are sleeping,  giving them the faith they are lacking.  Leave a dream catcher hanging above their bed so that it may filter their good ideas,  dreams and visions to them while they slumber.  The bad ones will be trapped and will not pass.  In this way,  they will discover the actions that need to be taken to heal the Earth and bring balance to all Life.”

I could not refuse the honour of  being chosen for such an important task.  It did not take long for Humans to begin to solve the problems of  the world.  A way to seed clouds to make rain was working in less than a month;  new farming techniques were developed which helped to feed everyone.  With their newfound faith,  violence ceased.  All of  the deadly sins were vanquished.  Those with material goods shared.  Those with knowledge taught.  Those with hearts full of  love and compassion cared for those who were unable to care for themselves.  Life flourished as others began to spread the Faith we all need to have in ourselves to succeed.

The spider and I continue to make dream catchers to deliver around the world.  His companionship is a treasure I truly cherish.

Working together
Gives individuals strength
United we thrive


“Dreamcatcher”   Secret Garden

Poetry form ~

(Japanese: 俳文 haikai writings) is a literary composition that combines prose and haiku. The range of haibun is broad and includes, but is not limited to, the following forms of prose:  autobiography,  biography,  diary,  essay,  history,  prose poem,  short story and travel literature…..

A haibun may record a scene, or a special moment, in a highly descriptive and objective manner or may occupy a wholly fictional or dream-like space. The accompanying haiku may have a direct or subtle relationship with the prose and encompass or hint at the gist of what is recorded in the prose sections…..

Contemporary practice of haibun composition in English is evolving rapidly. Generally, a haibun consists of one or more paragraphs of prose written in a concise,  imagistic  haikai  style,  and one or more haiku…..Read More

image ~ “dreamcatchers”  by  media123
creative commons license

the history of  dream catchers

how to make a dream catcher

a wonderful reading of  the poem “The Spider and the Fly”
with the poem in print on the screen~

“The Spider and the Fly”  by  Mary Howitt

“Will you rest upon my little bed?” said the Spider to the Fly.”
‘The Spider and the Fly’   Mary Howitt   1829

the mortal or deadly sins

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the history of  dream catchers

how to make a dream catcher

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“Dreamcatcher”   Secret Garden

lyrics ~

Hear my silent prayer,  heed my quiet call
When the dark and blue surround you
Step into my sigh,  look inside the light
You will know that I have found you

Hear my silent prayer,  heed my quiet call
When the dark and blue surround you
Step into my sigh,  look inside the light
You will know that I have found you


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52 responses to “•☯• dream catcher •☯•

  1. A fascinating write, Dani. Good story. I really liked the these ideas especially:

    “Those with material goods shared. Those with knowledge taught. Those with hearts full of love and compassion cared for those who were unable to care for themselves. Life flourished as others began to spread the Faith we all need to have in ourselves to succeed.” That certainly sounds like an ideal world to me!

    • i was afraid the story was going to go in a dark direction ~ much relieved to have it end the way it did. {smile} thank you for your kind comment, Mary! ♥

  2. Hi -this is a very interesting story – so great that you brought us right into the center of it immediately – the violence, skirt/shot gun, wish for difference. k.

  3. Excellent Haibun dani ♥ I had to re-read it because I was fascinated by the concepts. As usual your choice of music is wonderful ~ I happen to consider Secret Garden as one of my favourite musical partnerships.
    Thank you for sharing this with us/

  4. How cool is this, sis? I love your stories. From gun toting killer to world saver! A woman’s work is never done. I love the reading of the spider and the fly, too!

  5. nice…i love the truth in your closing verse…and a rather magical tale as well…that is a rather wise spider….nice grit before we got there though…fending off the men with a pump shot gun…the dead joining the dead earth….really nice descriptions dani

    • i’ll tell you a secret ~ i had to google shot guns to find out what the kind i had seen in movies was called. {smile} thank you for your lovely comment, brian!

  6. 4joyjoanne

    your tale reads into my mind and I see a movie playing of a time like the Dust Bowl of 1930….very engaging…

  7. What an extraordinarily beautiful story which the reader was taken from the harshness of reality to the dreamworld of hope.

  8. Dani, I love your story and the magic of trying to improve the world :D
    It is beautiful and filled with hope~ I am so glad you joined in and shared~

  9. wow…now this was a story…gritty at parts and then so magical with the spider appearing…enjoyed the story telling dani

  10. I really enjoyed this. Had no idea she was sitting making dream catchers to begin with. The story pulled me right in and then I had to know how, and why, and what happened and how it ended. If only this could happen to the whole world in real life. Good writing Dani

  11. Hi dani,

    I was so into the story and at first was thinking she was going to get attacked for sure and the neighbors would not help. I love the story about how catching their dreams made everything change. I too was at first thinking it was about the dust bowl during the depression.

    Thanks ever so much for sharing this with this weeks Theme Thursday aroma.

    God bless.

    • i actually wrote this in two sittings and had stopped at the point where she was sitting on the porch. it was a total surprise to me that it then took the direction it did because i had been expecting it to be a horrible ending, too. {smile} i appreciate your prompt from Theme Thursday as the “aroma” started the whole tale. ♥

  12. I love the way you have written this!!!


  13. Very clever reaction in getting it into a good ending at the end where it sets us thinking. There are a lot of good to be extended to end the carnage, the hunger and ills of the world. Feelings for others should prevail but for greed and arrogance that compromised good sense and led us into trying times. Great thoughts Dani!


  14. kellifrog

    I adore this!

  15. “You must go to each Human and speak to them when they are sleeping, giving them the faith they are lacking.” … What a beautiful life purpose. :)

  16. Well done Dani ~ The woman as gun wielding protector, then to chosen companion of the spider as dream catcher ~ Your prose form is excellent, and haiku, wonderful tandem ~

  17. margaretbednar

    The early description of the woman in the beginning: earthy, gritty, a bit dangerous, is fabulous. I suppose being a dream catcher is a higher calling, though :) I read the Spider and the Fly to my 4 year old son and we both love it.

    • in real life i have a BIG problem with spiders, but i’ve always loved “The Spider and the Fly.” i thought this was going in a different direction given the shotgun and all… either the character or my muse decided it would have a happy ending instead. ♥

  18. “The heavy perfume of the grotesque vegetation was so thick I could see it ~ a blue haze that insinuated itself into the dust that was everywhere.” This, I believe, is what fueled the inventions–so little left to lose, dignity too. Thank God for the arachnid guide! I too have bonded with the spiders, but in a very different way. http://susanspoetry.blogspot.com/2012/06/a-spinsters-tale.html

    I love this form. I think it is in my novel, but I didn’t know it had a name! I’m going to try it deliberately. I have enjoyed this entire post and web. What fun. Thank you!

  19. I really enjoyed reading a more prosaic piece from you – you have a very appealing narrative style and I was caught up in the web of your tale.

  20. I really like the idea of the spider as an oracle. And how nice those dreamcatchers.

  21. Helen

    Dani, this is truly magical ~~

  22. Wow – and I thought I combine a lot of prompts together when I put 3-4 together! Nice! (I found you through WWP…but I also posted to the Poets United “Dreamcatcher” prompt, too!) :)

    And…though I’ve only written a couple haibun, I do like the form and enjoyed reading yours.

    • in this instance, i had been trying to put together the poem for a couple of days and wasn’t able to until i found all of the prompts. thank you for your visit and kind comment! ♥

  23. Hello, Dani, what a wonderful fantasy with so much spirituality and a great message. With faith and team work, dreams can come true and the world can be made a better place. I also learned something new about haibun! Thank you, so informative and inspirational. I needed this today. <3

  24. spiders, haiku, violins and angels – a wonderful way to start a morning.
    I enjoyed your Haibun. I’ve written a few. I didn’t realized the prose portion could be so long. I enjoyed the story.

    My memory is here:

    • from what i have read, the prose can be any length and it can end with one or more haiku ~ at least, the modern-day version of haibun. {smile} thank you so much for your visit and kind comment. ♥

  25. I too, was captured…Dani, this is excellent!!! <3

  26. I just love the story you wove here! Will definitely have to look into the haibun form. Thanks for such a great prompt this week, Dani!

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