∙ᶌ∙•∙ whispers ∙•∙ᶌ∙

∙ ῼ ∙

• ῼ •

 even  before  language
…there were whispers

 in the black of  night

behind their backs

  mysteries handed down
…in whispers

women most dangerous
women with powers
women of  magic

women connected by their secrets
…now hidden from the ordinary

unwilling to give up
that which makes them special

existing today
…only in whispers

… sorceresses …

∙ᶌ∙ •ῼ• ∙ᶌ∙

∙ᶌ∙ ῼ ∙ᶌ∙

• ῼ •

∙ ῼ ∙

“The Sorceress”   Trobar de Morte

artwork ~  “Sorceress”  Hollllow on deviantART

this is my submission to ~

Do you believe in magic? at   POETRY JAM
prompt:  Do you believe in magic?

Friday Flash 55     see the     G-Man at Mr. KnowitAll
flash fiction 55

thank you,  G!

The Thursday Think Tank #107     at     Poets United
prompt:   Sound  { whispers }

thank you,  Ella!

Prompt #165   at   Carry on Tuesday
prompt:  use all or part of  this quote from Dean Karnazes ~
“Run when you can,  walk if you have to,  crawl if you must;  just never give up.”
{  i used ‘unwilling to give up’  }

thank you,  Keith!

Thursday 26 July 2012      at     Theme Thursday
prompt:   Connections

thank you,   Mrsupole!

i am also participating in ~




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40 responses to “∙ᶌ∙•∙ whispers ∙•∙ᶌ∙

  1. There are so very many secrets hidden in this way because man feared them and through bigoted religion, drove all of these special gifted people into going underground. Keeping their knowledge secret because of bias stemming from fear.
    Lovely piece Dani.

  2. Love this entry…very cool that even before language…whispers…love that idea! :)’s

    • thank you, Hannah! ♥ i could see a cave man grunting in whispers to his family to get back in their cave when a sorceress walked by. {smile}

  3. missysplace

    Love this poetic journey of whispers.

  4. I am reminded of all the women who used herbs to heal the sick being accused of witch craft, You nailed. it.

  5. Dani Dearest…
    I’m so glad to see that some things never change. (Your Multi-Prompting)
    Loved your story/prose/55
    Thanks for playing, thanks for returning to the flock, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. Lovely dani ♥ beautifully written

  7. I like how you took this magic back to an ancient time. I like the idea of the oldest holders of magic were women. Good prompt this week.

    • thank you for your kind comment here and for your wonderful responses to the prompt, Peggy! ♥ i do believe that women have always held many kinds of magic. {smile}

  8. This was an exciting…magical one..the pic is so cool……

  9. I like the repetition of whispers ~ Well, you are the queen of all prompts ~

    Take care Dani ~

  10. Dani this is a poem that was meant to be read aloud, or sung! You definitely nailed the sound:-) love it

  11. wow, what a great 55! Truly enjoyed this one!Thank you! Have you a great weekend! hugs shakira

    Mine is here

  12. Female magic? It’s as old as the hills…

  13. smiles…i rather like the magic and mysticism of women….there are def men that fear them, but it is a danger that i fully embrace…smiles…

  14. At first I thought of all the women accused of witchcraft and how they were whispered about. Then I thought about the fact that originally for the majority of Native American tribes the women were held in highest esteem and were the leaders. Then it seems that there was a downfall of the women and the men took over. It does not seem to be recorded what happened but my guess would be jealously brought on by other women who were not held in such high esteem as I think it is what was probably the root cause of the accusations of witchcraft.

    There are still a few cultures in the world that hold women in high esteem but I would have to say that China is not one of them. It pains me to think of all the female babies put to death through abortions because they are not males. Someday when they realize that all these men cannot birth a new child and there are no females for which all these men can choose a wife, they will realize how they are upsetting the balance of nature, and by then the whispers of the lost souls of the females that China has lost will be gone, forever missing across their lands, and the land will be the only one to hear their whispers. I cannot say how much I hope that the people of China will truly find that there is just as much value in a female as there is in a male.

    Sorry for ranting but I somehow think a nerve was touched with those whispers.

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful connection with this weeks Theme Thursday and amazing how you connect to all the different prompts.

    God bless.

    • from what i have read {noting that “history” isn’t always accurate} it was the men who held political and religious power, and women were forced to name others as witches to avoid being convicted themselves. i saw a documentary on China about portable ultrasound machines taken to rural areas all over China to provide sonagrams supposedly as prenatal healthcare, but in reality used to determine the sex of the baby so that abortions could be performed if the baby was a girl. such a sad and painful situation!

      thank you so much for your comment! ♥

  15. I could so relate to your words, the whispers…
    I feel this way right now…as I have to fight to be (the artist) I am….
    Thanks Dani…so glad you joined in!
    I loved it :D

  16. Wow, how creative to fulfill all these prompts with one poem! Thank you for the magical theme at Poetry Jam :)

    • thank you, Loredana! ♥ when i first started writing to prompts, i would try to “fit them in” but now i don’t use them unless they truly are part of my inspiration, as these were. the poem wouldn’t have worked if there hadn’t been these prompts to all come together and find my words. {smile}

  17. smiles…love the magic in your lines…and don’t we all have our mysteries and secrets in a way..smiles

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