my heart’s love songs is now at   https://myheartslovesongs.wordpress.com!

you may notice a few changes ~ additional pages have been added ~

with links for all of  the  featured poets series  posts;

links to resources i’ve found helpful as a writer and blogger;

and  links to my works at other online sites.

all of  the posts,  comments,  blogrolls,  badges,  etc.  have been imported.  if  you go to  http://haikulovesongs.wordpress.com,  you will automatically be redirected here within the next few days.  until then,  there is a link to this site.

if  you were a subscriber at the old site,  i would really appreciate you re-subscribing here ~  either by email  { in the right sidebar }  or,  if  you have a WordPress blog,  you can just click on the  “follow”  button { toward the left of  the WordPress toolbar. }

if  you have been kind enough to add me to the blogroll on your own site,  i believe it will continue to work if  it is just a link to either url.  if  you include the blog feed  { which shows the most recent post }  i think the url will have to be changed to  https://myheartslovesongs.wordpress.com.  i apologize for the inconvenience.

this post will remain at the top of  the page for a few days ~
please scroll down to see the most recent posts.

thank you to everyone for visiting.  i hope you like the changes.




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6 responses to “welcome!

  1. Glad you are back from your brief hiatus. I want to thank you for visiting and your kind words. I will definately let you know how BlogHer’12 goes. I am in NYC so I don’t have to travel (home turf and all!). I just finished reading Whispers, Devil Beware. Great pieces. I love how you can even right humorous when referring tot he devil. Great.

    • lucky you to be in NYC! my daughter and granddaughter will be there for several days in September. thank you for your kind comment! i look forward to hearing about BlogHer’12! ♥

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