•♪• ♫ • deep dark winter blues • ♫ •♪• {redux}

the blues take me over

in the deep dark cold of  Winter

those blues take me all over

leaves droppin from the trees
as that ol’ cold Wind blow through

the blues they take me over

ain’t nothin i can do

don’t think Spring’s
ever gonna come again

the blues they take me over

leech the joy right outta me

Ol’ Man Winter
breaks my heart in two

those blues they take me over

can’t get warm no matter what i do

cold so deep in my soul
can’t be thawed by the Devil’s own fires

the Devil, he done give up on me
he say i drag him down



below the fires of  Hell

the Devil,  he done give up on me
he say i drag him down



where he don’t care to go

ain’t nothin left for me
but them deep dark Winter blues

•♪• ♫ •♪•

“Singing The Blues”  {Instrumental}  Bix Beiderbecke   
The Frankie “Tram” Trumbauer Orchestra feat. Bix Beiderbecke – Singin’ the Blues. The first minute of the song is a sax solo by Trumbauer. The second minute is Bix’s cornet solo. The third minute features a short clarinet solo by Jimmy Dorsey, who was the clarinetist in Trumbauer’s Orchestra at that time. The guitarist on this track is Eddie Lang. This song is considered a jazz classic because Bix and, to a lesser degree, Tram were able to make a slow-tempo jazz ballad swing. This ability to make slow-tempo swinging jazz would later be emulated by jazz musicians ranging from Lester Young to John Coltrane to Miles Davis.

originally posted   5 December 2011

this poem was inspired by the image above from In Tandem

In Tandem #21
prompt:  the image above by  Penny Smith Alias Jinksy   at   In Tandem
 {gorgeous, Jinksy! thank you for sharing.}

i am  participating in ~



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